Gas Main Works in Emsworth January - March 2017


Phase one approximately four weeks - PALMERS ROAD

On Tuesday 3 January, we started work in Palmers Road. We'll be progressing southwards along the road from our gasholder site towards Emsworth Chiropractic on North Street. We need to suspend some parking bays during the first stage of our work to ensure everyone's safety around

our work area. Once we reach the junction opposite Palmers Road Industrial Estate, well need to temporarily close the Palmers Road side road from number 5 to North Street for two weeks. We'll maintain access for residents

in this section of the road.


Phase two - approximately five weeks - NORTH STREET

Our engineers will move into North Street on Monday 30 January and well have temporary two-way lights in place for five weeks. We'll manually control these lights at peak times to help traffic flow past our work area. Paimers Road will remain closed at its junction with North Street for the first two weeks of this phase. Once our engineers have progressed north of the Palmers Road junction by Emsworth Cycles, well reopen the side road.


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Phase three - approximately three weeks Our final phase will see us working in North Street at its junction with St James Road from early March. We willll need to temporarily close North Street while we connect our new main to the existing network at this junction. A signed diversion will be in place via Victoria Road, Bridge Road and Havant Road.