Launched at the EBA Networking Breakfast on Monday 18th May this is a simple initiative, which will once again highlight Emsworth’s desire to showcase its High Street and show that we are open to everyone.

The EBA is delighted that Caroline McKeever is going to lead this idea with its aim of making Emsworth a Dementia Friendly High Street and ultimately community. This is a Hampshire County Council initiative under the banner of Dementia Friendly Hampshire and is something that all communities should be aware of. Caroline outlined the steps that Businesses need to take to create this inclusive and supportive environment for people with dementia and their carers at the Breakfast. It is a relatively simple process and the benefits would be significant for the whole community.  

In order to get involved fully Caroline will be hosting 2 workshops at The Brookfield Hotel, starting at 6pm - 

Each session will last no more than an hour and it takes very little effort to sign up, just an increased awareness of the need for a lateral shift in thinking when serving customers, ie Costa  (who have signed for Dementia Friendly training for their staff), rather than asking Grande or Medio for cups of coffee will show the cups to people with dementia and say this one or this one? Each Business that signs up will receive a sticker to put in their window and once we have 20 business signed up we can apply to be a Dementia Friendly High Street and can then use this in all our future publicity.

There is no cost, just a little time, less than an hour, so please attend one of these sessions, no need to book in advance maybe with some of your staff and lets make Emsworth an even more friendly place to shop and visit. 

Further information can be found here - http://www3.hants.gov.uk/adult-services/dementiafriendly/whats-happening/dementia-friendly-high-streets.htm