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Updated: 14 December 2016   

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14th December

Emsworth Christmas Market with added LOBSTER Saturday 17th December


Well known for its independent shops and highly regarded restaurants, Emsworth Christmas Market Day will once again highlight what a special place it is and what an amazing sense of community it has with its annual Christmas Market and Carols around its unique Lobster Pot Christmas Tree.


Hampshire Farmers Market will be setting in their new home of St.Peters’ Square, the very heart of Emsworth from 10am until 2pm with local produce from around the county. Some 20 local producers offering the delights of truly local food reared, grown, baked, caught & brewed in Hampshire. Home reared meats including game, eggs, cheese, pies, bread, cakes, bakes, pickles, chutney’s, preserves, fruit and vegetables – everything to add that local touch to the Christmas festivities.


Emsworth’s wonderful high street will also have plenty of to add to your Christmas shopping basket with lots of seasonal, special offers, look for the yellow balloons outside of shops. 

Pick up a copy of Emsworth’s 2017 Calendar; Emsworth Life One Day celebrates a year in the life of the village with each month offering a picture taken by a local resident. All proceeds go to local good causes. For the first time limited edition ‘Emsworth Lobster’ coffee (or Lobster Bisque) mugs will also be available – perfect for that special Christmas gift. 


 There is also A Christmas Fair and Santa’s grotto in the garden of Emsworth Cottage Hospital between 10am – 1pm organised by the local Lions Club and the friends of the hospital.


And if that wasn’t enough come and take part in a truly unique event on Emsworth’s historic old Quay with Lobster & Carols round the Tree – after visiting the market wonder down to the Quay at 11.30am for a Christmas celebration you won’t find anywhere else in England. Emsworth’s ‘Village Voices’ will be singing Christmas Carols around the Lobster Pot Christmas Tree. Lobster Bisque will be available to enjoy and all proceeds will go to the RNLI. Christmas in Emsworth with a lob-STAR on the top of every tree!



·        For more info on Emsworth – www.emsworth.org.uk

·        The Christmas Lights in Emsworth are supported by Springfield Care Homes

13th December

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has published ‘Sustainable Shorelines: General Guidance’

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has today published new guidance for building and maintaining sea defences, called ‘Sustainable Shorelines’. The document, now available to download from the Conservancy’s website, was co-written with expert coastal engineers at Royal Haskoning DHV, and was specifically prepared for use in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Chichester Harbour is the largest natural estuary in south east England and 43% of the AONB is fully submerged at high tide. In recognition of its high environmental value, the  Harbour is designated as a Ramsar site for its wetlands, a Special Protection Area (SPA) for its birdlife, a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for its habitats, and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its flora and fauna. As a result, all proposed developments on or near the foreshore are scrutinised by the Conservancy, Natural England and the Local Planning Authorities, to ensure any potential adverse impacts are minimised.

Roger Price, the Chairman of the Conservancy, said, “As wonderful as it is to live in an AONB, it is not always clear what is, and indeed what isn’t, acceptable development. Our new Sustainable Shorelines document introduces some of the quite complex concepts of shoreline management and is intended as a starting point for anyone thinking about defending their land and property.”

Residents are urged to consider the guidelines before submitting a planning application for a shoreline location and to discuss their intentions with the Conservancy and Natural England at the earliest opportunity.

4th December

Greening Westbourne release: Families plant trees for community orchard

About 30 people from the Emsworth and Westbourne area gathered at their new community orchard on Saturday to plant more trees.
Seven more apple trees, sponsored by local residents, were planted at the Hampshire Farm Meadows site, off Westbourne Road, Emsworth, bringing the total planted so far to 24.

Bill and Louise Jones, from Woodmancote, near Westbourne, planted a Tinsley Quince apple tree in memory of their son Tom, who passed away in 2013, aged 23.

Bill said: “It’s just something to remember Tom by. He lived close by and he liked the outdoors.”

The orchard, set up by environmental group Greening Westbourne, will get another nine trees in February.

Chair of the group Colin Carré said: “Local people are really getting inspired by this project, and like the idea of sponsoring a tree in memory of someone, or to mark a special occasion. A tree also makes a great Christmas present.

“We only started off with a handful of trees, but now it’s really starting to look like an orchard.”

The goal is to have around 60 fruit trees on the site, with benches nearby.

The idea of the orchard is to help preserve traditional fruit varieties and help local people, especially children, get a bit closer to the earth.

Havant Borough Council and the Tree Council are major supporters of the project, and local tree surgeon Mike Reed has lent his expertise.
It costs £50 to sponsor or adopt a tree, and dedication plates are £30. All money will go into orchard funds, used to buy new trees and maintain the area. To apply, residents can search "Greening Westbourne" online and go to the "news" section of the site.  The group can be contacted on greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk 

1st December

Closure of Natwest Emsworth is anounced

Emsworth, with a thriving independent high street of predominantly locally-owned businesses. It is a town like no other, but sadly has seen the closure of a number of our local banks, with Natwest being the last bank standing. It has recently been announced that Natwest intend to close the Emsworth branch in June 2017, leaving not only our local business owners without a local banking branch, but also meaning thousands of local residents are now faced with making the journey to Havant or Chichester in order to carry out day to day banking. For those without transport, the elderly and the infirm, this will create huge problems and have serious repercussions. Not only this, but this also heralds the closure of one of only three remaining cash machines in Emsworth.  Following the closure of Barclays Bank in 2015, local business owners were advised by Natwest that should we change our banking to Natwest, they would not close the Emsworth branch. They have now reneged on this and are set to leave us without a readily accessible bank.

The short-sighted decision of Natwest to close this branch sends out a message that our thriving Emsworth economy is not enough to warrant a local bank, which is not the case.  The British Bankers' Association protocol requires banks to work with local communities to establish the impact of a branch closures before they close, and Natwest has not consulted the local community or local groups and associations before coming to this decision.

This bank provides a pivotal role to the local economy, and provides a vital service to Emsworth residents.  We are lobbying the Government to intervene and persuade the chief executive of NatWest to overturn their decision to close this branch. We have been in contact with the Natwest CEO and our local MP Alan Mak to try and reverse their decision, but urge you to lend your voice to our campaign to stop Natwest from abandoning our community. 

Sign the petition HERE

Source: www.change.org

23rd November

Local Dunkirk Heroes feature in "Forgotten Songs and Stories of the Sea" by Caroline Rochford to be Published at the end of end Month


Stirring tales of heroism at sea have been engrained in the annals of maritime history since the dawn of time. Historian and genealogist Caroline Rochford has packed 200 traditional songs and stories into her fascinating new book, Forgotten Songs and Stories of the Sea, which offers an exciting, entertaining and eye-opening glimpse into our long lost maritime past.


One of the stories included is of Fred Barter from Emsworth and Frank Lunn from Fareham who were awarded the Distinguished Service Medal following their heroic actions during the evacuation at Dunkirk. Frank and Fred were among the many civilians who volunteered to help evacuate soldiers from Dunkirk and when they got close to the shore they managed to fit 80 men in their 6 man boat! But as they journeyed back a bullet put a hole in the boat throwing all the men into the sea. The two fishermen, however, were determined and battling against the open waves they reached their ship and came back with another rowing boat. After several trips, these two brave men saved the lives of 400 soldiers that day. It’s an incredible achievement, which deserves to be remembered. 


Forgotten Songs and Stories of the Sea is published by Pen & Sword History on 30th November at £12.99

8th November

Community orchard growing fast

People in Emsworth and Westbourne are planning to double the size of their new community orchard.


Eight more apple trees, sponsored by local residents, will be planted at the Hampshire Farm Meadows site, off Westbourne Road, Emsworth, at 11am on Saturday 3 December.  The orchard, set up by environmental group Greening Westbourne, already has 16 trees. Another eight will be planted in February, bringing the total to 32.

A dozen residents from Emsworth and Westbourne have sponsored trees to be planted on the site, which is on new public open space next to the Redlands Grange housing development, near the county border between the two communities. 


Sponsors can buy a tree in memory of a family member, or to mark a special occasion, and can also purchase a dedication plate. They can also give a tree as a gift – for example at Christmas.  The goal is to have around 60 fruit trees on the site, with benches nearby and eventually a regular harvest of apples, pears, plums and apricots.

Colin Carré, chair of Greening Westbourne, said: "We launched the sponsorship scheme in the summer and it's been very successful. It's great to see the orchard get bigger and bigger.

"Some local families have sponsored trees for very personal and poignant reasons, such as remembering a loved one they have lost. 

"A tree would also make a great Christmas present – a gift that enhances the environment and will be there for years and years.

"The idea of the orchard is to help preserve traditional fruit varieties and help local people, especially children, get a bit closer to the earth. Growing food locally reminds us that it doesn't always have to be flown thousands of miles across the world." 

A group of volunteers recruited by Greening Westbourne have been working to get the orchard established. Along with local people, Westbourne's Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been helping to plant trees. Local tree surgeon Mike Reed has also lenthis expertise.

Havant Borough Council and the Tree Council are major supporters of the project. The 3 December planting session will be during National Tree Week, organised by the Tree Council.

It costs £50 to sponsor or adopt a tree, and dedication plates are £30. All money will go into orchard funds, used to buy new trees and maintain the area. To apply, residents can search "Greening Westbourne" online and go to the "news" section of the site. 

The group can be contacted on greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk 


Emsworth Life ONE Day Calendar – Released

The Emsworth Business Association is delighted to announce the release of the Emsworth Life ONE Day Calendar 2017. ‘Emsworth Life – ONE day’ was a monthly photographic competition open to everyone, which aimed to celebrate Emsworth and its wonderful sense of place and community. Capturing Emsworth, its heritage, its people and its day-to-day life. Over the last 12 months, local people have entered 100’s of photographs of Emsworth Life. Each month an independent panel of Judges selected a winning entry, the winner received a bottle of Hambledon Classic Cuvée as well as being the official picture of the month in question for the Calendar. They are priced at £9 each and as well as the winning photographs, the calendars have a listing of community events for 2017. They will be officially released on Monday 14th November and the Emsworth Business Association will donate ALL profits to local good causes -


·         Emsworth Primary School

·         St. James’ Primary School

·         RNLI – Emsworth branch


The Calendars will be available from the following outlets –

Bookends, High Street - Henry Adams, North Street - Bluebell Inn, South Street - The Brookfield Hotel


The Judging panel consisted of  -


John Tweddell – Chair, local renowned photographer

Carol Price – Local artist and Chair of the Emsworth Arts Trial.

Sarah Standing – Images Editor - The News

Zak Kara – Committee Member of the Emsworth Business Association


“This has been a wonderful community project highlighting all that is special about Emsworth and with all the profits going to local good causes, it is difficult to think of a of better celebration of this unique coastal town. Enjoy this calendar, a little piece of Emsworth Life” Cllr. Lulu Bowerman


“It was a real joy judging all the marvelous photographs that came in each month to the calendar competition. The standard reached by many of the photographs was exceptionally high, and all of the judges found it difficult to pick one to represent Emsworth for each particular month. I think we will all miss the monthly deliberations and discussions that were needed to decide which photograph would be the overall winner.” John Tweddell – Chair, Judging panel


Emsworth Business Association -  www.emsworth.org.uk

5th October

Emsworth British Food Fortnight  A wonderful celebration - The Best Yet


Emsworth’s participation in this year’s British Food Fortnight, from 17th September to 2nd October, proved once again Emsworth is a wonderful ‘foodie’ destination and has an amazing community spirit. Three words sum up what this fortnight is all about: 


Community           Education             Celebration


There was a truly varied program of events and activities over the fortnight from local producer Markets to Apple Pressing Day, from a Community Seafood Lunch on the Quay to a Traditional Pie Masterclass and so much more in between. Some of the many highlights included -



·         Emsworth Apple Pressing Day – Sunday 18th September

A real community event. Local apples grown by residents were bought to the apple press in the Square to produce ‘Emsworth Apple Presse’. The label for this year was unveiled on the day, designed by a pupil from St.James Primary School. This event also raised £250 for Stonepillow in donations.


·         Emsworth Community Seafood Lunch  - Sunday 25th September

Emsworth can trace much of its heritage back to its maritime history and although in the main the fishing boats and its once famous oyster industry may have gone, Emsworth, unlike so many similar communities has still managed to maintain its sense of place. This was celebrated last December with the Lobster Pot Christmas tree, which was a source of great pride and enjoyment for the whole community. The Emsworth Community Seafood lunch sort again celebrate this heritage and to make it available to everyone in the community; the lunch was served on the Quay, on long communal tables and was prepared by four of the areas leading Chefs:


Lawrence Murphy – Fat Olives Restaurant, Giles Babb – Blue Bell Inn, Gary Pearce – Restaurant 36 on the Quay                                                                         Jon Scourfield – Brookfield Hotel


In many ways this was the very essence of this years Emsworth British Food Fortnight - local chefs, using local ingredients from local producers, creating local dishes for local people and served on Emsworth’s historic fishing Quay which is a ‘touch stone’ to the community’s food past.


The event sold out within 2 hours of tickets being made available. All profits from the lunch were donated to Stonepillow raising almost £1000.


·         ‘A Boost of Kindness’ - A Special Community Harvest Festival Service in St. Peter’s Square - Sunday 2nd October

Over the fortnight Food Bank Collection points were established in various points and at this final event, before the open-air service, a food mountain was built and then donated to the Beacon Food Bank. Once again the amount donated was staggering and needed 5 estate cars to transport it back to the Beacon Food Bank.





·         The ‘Great British Menu’ College Lunches - 3 local catering colleges – Fareham Higbury and South Downs -  took over the Brookfield Hotel and designed, prepared and served a ‘Great British Menu’. All three lunches were fully sold out with over 250 guests enjoying seeing young people in a professional restaurant environment who will be the food industries future. In all more than 60 catering students were involved.




  • Taking the Harvest to Primary Schools

As well as students, one of the aims of the fortnight was to involve as many younger children as possible in food education and through a variety initiatives 6 local primary schools as well as 1 local school which provides 11-16 year olds with special education needs.

o    In conjunction with Hampshire Farmers’ Market Food Education workshops in 3 local primary schools. 64 pupils took part.

o    6 Schools built ‘Harvest’ Scarecrows – many of them themed – which became a center piece of the fortnight and remained in Emsworth Square as a backdrop to many events

o    The Schools were invited to submit entries for this year’s Emsworth Apple Presse.



·         Food Education isn’t just for young people!

The Emsworth British Food Fortnight also hosted a wide range of cookery demonstrations, workshops and tastings., aimed at both being fun and also informative. Emsworth Cookery School had a series of classes including a Bread Masterclass and a Knife Skills workshop and Jake’s Artisan Food held a Traditional Pork Pie Masterclass – all of these sold out. There were also cookery demonstrations in Emsworth Home Hardware as well as cookery demonstration given by local restaurant Fat Olives at Tuppeny Barn entitled ‘Local, Seasonal & Sensational’.


·         Its not just about eating

One of the quirkier events was The Hungry Writer where participants could explore the pleasures of taste through this creative writing workshop led by local author Lizzie Chittleboro. It took place at the inspirational organic small holding Tuppenny Barn.





·         Emsworth Market Day with Hampshire Farmers’ Market - Saturday 17th September


·         Hampshire Farmers’ Market Award’s Dinner –Brookfield Hotel -  Tuesday 22nd September

A celebration of everything that is fabulous about Hampshire’s Food and Drink industry, think the BAFTA’s for local food producers! The awards went to -

Best Food Product:  Ambrose Sausages

Best Drinks Producer:  MASH Brewery

Best Hot Food to Take Away:  Broughton Water Buffalo

Best Personality:  Phil & Sue Ambrose (Ambrose Sausages)


·         The Emsworth Wine Fair - Saturday 24th September

Organised by the areas 4 local independent wine merchants, this is a wonderful opportunity to taste over 40 wines and spirits, together with some local cheeses and artisan foods. Focusing on award winning English wines, which will included amongst others Hambledon Vineyard, Chapel Down, Albourne Estate and Wickham Wines as well as the new wave in artisan Gins and other British spirits. All proceeds from the ticket sales went to Stonepillow - £250


·         Emsworth’s First British Beer and Cider Festival - Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October

Featuring some 30 great British beers and cider, both local and from further afield, as well as live entertainment and local food producers. This event completely sold out.


·         A ‘Thought for Food’ Local Showcase Market - Saturday 1st October

Created to enable local food & drink producers from West Sussex and Hampshire to come together and showcase their products here in Emsworth. There was a series of live music, poetry and creative writing readings, The Portsmouth Shanty Men, food safaris and food demonstrations throughout the day.


·         Emsworth Beef, Oyster & Ale Pie …….

Many of the pubs, restaurants and Cafes put on special menus or dishes to celebrate British Food Fortnight and in many cases also featured some of Hampshire’s leading sparking wine producers as well as local gins and beers. The Bluebell Inn featured Emsworth Beef, Oyster and Ale Pie celebrating Emsworth’s links between the land and the sea – it sold out on a daily basis.




“Once again Emsworth has shown it self to be a real foodie destination but more than that it has shown it truly embraces its community. This year perhaps for the first time Emsworth British Food Fortnight has achieved a reputation that attracts people from further afield than the local area, establishing itself as an event on the calendar. Thank you to all our sponsors who really embraced the whole fortnight. We laid the dinner table and it appears as if people have pulled up a chair and sat down to eat!  Alistair Gibson, Emsworth Business Association



“We arranged four night break at The Brookfield Hotel to visit attractions in the local area. We needed to look no further than Emsworth. Emsworth was celebrating British Food Fortnight. We had so many different events to attend. Hats off to the organisers, we had a fantastic time, only disappointment was missing out on the seafood lunch on the quay. We will be taking

a part of Emsworth back to Dartford and extolling the virtues of such a vibrant community. Mr. and Mrs. Verry, Dartford, Kent


“It was pinch me special. One of those rare occasions when everything is perfect. Fine weather, wonderful chefs from the towns top restaurants, working with the freshest local fish. Beautifully cooked and presented in such a perfect setting. It was truly memorable. Thank you all.” Lesley DiFonzo, local resident who attend the Community Seafood Lunch.



28th September

A REAL Thought for Food


The culmination of this year’s Emsworth British Food Fortnight featuring the Great British College Lunches, the first Emsworth Beer and Cider Festival and an open air Harvest Festival with the donation of Emsworth’s Food Mountain to the Beacon Food Bank. The weekend also features the A Thought for Food Market a real celebration of Emsworth and local producers with something for everyone – food, wine and entertainment.


The Great British College Lunches

Following last week’s successful lunch with Fareham College, catering students from Highbury and South Downs College’s take over the Hermitage Restaurant at the Brookfield Hotel – planning, cooking and serving a 3 course lunch. See previous Press Release.

  • Thursday 29th September – Highbury College
  • Friday 30th September – South Down’s College


Emsworth’s First British Beer and Cider Festival

Emsworth Community Centre, Church Path

Enjoy up to 30 great British beers, both local and from further afield, along with some astonishingly good Ciders. The opportunity to meet some of the brewers behind the beers at  “Meet the the Brewer sessions”, sample some locally produced foods as well as enjoy live music on The Flash DAB Radio Stage, including Mike Handley and the Bone Idols on the Saturday evening, promise to make this one of the livelier events of the Food Fortnight.

Tickets - £10 per session including souvenir glass and drinks tokens

Tickets available from – Bookends & Harbour Records  & www.wegottickets.com


Friday 30th September – 6pm – 11pm

Saturday 1st October - 2pm-5pm & 6pm – 11pm, 

Sunday 2nd October - 12noon – 4pm


Organised by WemsFest as part of Emsworth Great British Food Fortnight.


A Thought for Food Market

1st October, 10am – 4pm - South Street Car Park,


Created to enable local food & drink producers from West Sussex and Hampshire to come together and showcase their products in Emsworth, this outdoor market has proved a big hit with both visitors and producers.


·         26 local food & drink producers

·          Live music, poetry and creative writing readings – members of the public are invited to the Apple Box to read food related poetry or literature.

·         Entertainment from The Portsmouth Shantymen and the return of local band Heronshaw

·         Southern Co-operative taster unit on site focussing on local products

·         Montezuma’s Chocolate offering samples of their fabulous chocolate.

·         Meet the Emsworth Schools ‘Scarecrows’ – made by local schools to help celebrate the harvest

·         Local Shops and business will be offering a range of special offers – look for the Yellow Balloons and pick up a leaflet on the day.

·         Cookery Demonstrations all day with Emsworth Cookery School

·         Fish preparation demonstrations with Fresh from the Boat

·         Vineyards of Hampshire Pavilion – taste the sparkling wines that everyone is talking about.

·         Special Menus and regional dishes in many of the restaurants, pubs and cafes – including the famous Emsworth Beef, Oyster and Ale Pie. Download the flyer HERE


A “Boost of Kindness” Harvest Festival

2nd October 11.30am – 12noon -  St.Peters’ Square Sunday


A special Community Harvest Festival Service with Emsworth Churches and Schools in St. Peter’s Square. Bring a food item and help in the building of the Emsworth British Food Fortnight Food Mountain for the Beacon Food Bank.

Everyone is welcome, so come and reflect for a moment and give thanks for all we have while enjoying live music, school choirs and the great Harvest Hymns.


26h September

The Emsworth Community Seafood Lunch


One of the planned highlights of this year’s Emsworth British Food Fortnight was always going to be the Community Seafood lunch and it certainly didn’t disappoint. If there was one event that really allowed Emsworth to showcase its food heritage this was it, a lunch using local produce served on the town’s historic quay, prepared by some Emsworth’s leading chefs and attended by the members of the local community.


Tickets went on sale on Monday 4th September and were sold out within 2 hours; such was the anticipation for this lunch. Priced at only £20 per ticket, so that it was accessible to all and with Stonepillow as the nominated charity for all profits made it easy to see why the demand was so high.


Having never been done before, the day dawned and the sun shone as the Quay was transformed, with 2 long communal tables to seat 82 guests, with oyster and scallop shells as well as seaside buckets and spades decorating the tables. It would difficult to think of a more a picturesque place to have lunch with a view over Chichester Harbour. The Menu, using local produce, was devised and prepared by 4 of Emsworth’s chefs –


Lawrence Murphy – Fat Olives Restaurant

Gary Pearce – Restaurant 36 on the Quay

Tyler Brooks – Blue Bell Inn

Jon Scourfield – Brookfield Hotel


Starting with a glass of Hambledon Sparkling wine, diners were then treated to a three-course lunch (see menu) using local seafood for the first and main courses before a very fitting seaside dessert of an ice cream cone from Northney Dairy and some chocolate from Montezuma’s. All those who attended were also given the opportunity to put their name down for a Lobster Pot to help build this year’s Emsworth Lobster Pot Christmas Tree.


The final amount has not been fully calculated as donations are still coming in but at currently stands at over £500, which will be donated to Stonepillow, a charity that does so much for homeless people in the area.


“I’m not sure this could be done anywhere else in the region, it felt very special with local food businesses, giving their time and coming together to plan and prepare a lunch served on Emsworth Quay, which has never been done before. Anticipation seemed to build as the day grew closer and diners were not disappointed. It was a wonderful celebration of what Emsworth has to offer, a real foodie destination in a magnificent location with a community wanting to give back and support a great local charity. ” Alistair Gibson, Emsworth Business Association


 “It was great to be involved in this event, Emsworth is such a special place and the opportunity to prepare a seafood lunch served on the Quay was a real highlight of this year’s Emsworth British Food Fortnight.  It’s a memory that I and I am sure all those lucky enough to attend will treasure for a long time.” Lawrence Murphy, Chef Proprietor, Fat Olives Restaurant.


“It was pinch me special. One of those rare occasions when everything is perfect. Fine weather, wonderful chefs from the towns top restaurants, working with the freshest local fish. Beautifully cooked and presented in such a perfect setting. It was truly memorable. Thank you all.” Lesley DiFonzo, local resident


“What a great idea, loved it, so did everyone else that I talked to. Look forward to next year!” Jo Thomas, local resident.


The Emsworth British Food Fortnight would like to thank – Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club, South Downs Water, Hambledon Vineayrd, Northney Dairy, Montezuma’s, Winchester Distillery, Fresh from the Boat and the 4 participating restaurants. 



17th September



Home Start Havant are looking for Additional Trustees - Could you spare 6-8 hours a month? 

Are you looking for an opportunity to give something back to the local community but not sure where to start?  Home-Start Havant are urgently seeking additional Trustees to join their board and support in areas such as IT, HR, Marketing, Funding Applications and much more. 


Although Home-Start is a national organisation, our Scheme is run independently, with full-time Coordinators and support staff who manage a network of volunteers working with vulnerable young families in the Havant Borough.  Appropriate governance (including the appropriate use of charitable funds and line management of the Senior Staff) is then the role of the Trustee Board.  For more information and an interview with a current Home-Start Trustee visit our web-page http://www.homestart-havant.org.uk/become-trustee-0


If you are interested in learning more, feel free to Alice Summers directly and we can discuss the opportunities available. 


Alice Summers

Home-Start Havant Trustee


07833 227 366



13th September


Be part of something, be part of something really pressing


As part of British Food Fortnight, Emsworth will be celebrating the glorious British apple and its orchards. Emsworth’s very own Apple Press, hand made by an Emsworth resident, will be situated in St. Peter’s Square on  Sunday 18th September  11am – 2pm where members of the local community are invited to bring as many apples as they can from their gardens. The apples will be pressed and made into ‘Emsworth Apple Presse’ and will be available to take home on the day.  Following on from its success last year, the organisers are delighted that local primary schools are all taking part in a competition to design the label for this year’s Apple Presse. The winning design will be unveiled on the day and will feature on all the containers of Apple Presse. The Apple Press will be official opened by the Mayor of Havant, Cllr.Faith Ponsonby at 11am.


To underline the community spirit, a number of local groups are assisting with the organisation of the day. Havant Rotary Club will be providing stewards as well as a service where people who cannot make it to the Apple Press can have their apples collected. Greening Westbourne, a local group who are planning a community orchard in Westbourne will also be in St. Peter’s Square on the day. ‘Emsworth Presse’ will be free of charge but the Emsworth Business Association is this year supporting Stonepillow and if people wish to make small donation that will be most welcome.



“This has become a much loved event now in Emsworth’s calendar, involving so many local people and supporting such a good cause. Its great to see the smile on young peoples faces as the apple juice from the apples they bought along flows out of the apple press. In many ways Emsworth Apple Day encapsulates everything that British Food Fortnight aims to highlight – Community, Education and Celebration and of course local produce.” Lulu Bowerman, Organising Committee


How to get involved -


·                    Bring your apples to St. Peter’s Square between 11am – 2pm on Saturday 18th September

·                    Please bring the best quality apples you have

·                    Don’t bring windfall fruit unless it’s undamaged and clean

·                    Do you know friends or family who need help to transport their apples to the press?

·                    Please contact Vicki King – 01243 374960 - from Havant Rotary for assistance with apple collection if needed


The EBA are indebted to the generous support from Chucklehead Cider, The Rotary Club of Havant and Montezuma’s


Emsworth British Food Fortnight 17th September – 2nd October. For more info– www.emsworth.org.uk







11th Septenber




The Havant Rotary Club is inviting people living or working in the club’s catchment area of Havant, Emsworth, Rowlands Castle and Hayling Island to an informal “get to know you” event with wine and canapés refreshments.  Those attending will hear more about Rotary membership and see if this could be for them. The venue is The Bear Hotel, Havant on Monday 10 October at 5 to 6 pm with those interested having the opportunity to join members for the club meeting that follows.   For more information and an invitation please contact Trevor Nightingale   Email: tnightingale@btinternet.com   or Tel: 01243 574244


Havant is a very active club which offers the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of fellow members, play a part in the broad based support given to local and overseas good causes and enjoy a varied social and sporting programme.  It also opens the door to Rotary fellowship across the world.


Membership is open to men and women who have a business, professional, educational or community service background and are interested in utilising their skills and experience in helping others.


Club President Jackie Branson says “The club calendar includes the running of competitions and events for the young and elderly; vocational visits, country walks, sports competitions, weekends away as well as the essential task of raising funds.  Just two examples of our work in the community are our Santa pre Christmas sleigh runs adding excitement for hundreds of children as well as raising valuable funds and on the world stage, the sponsorship of Shelter Boxes which contain a tent and a whole range of life saving supplies to people in disaster and humanitarian crisis areas”.





11th Septenber


MONTEZUMA’S ANNOUNCES SUPPORT OF AWARD-WINNING  EMSWORTH FOOD FORTNIGHT With partnership to promote local and ethical produce

Birdham-based chocolate manufacturer Montezuma’s has announced a partnership with Emsworth Food Fortnight. The Emsworth event is part of British Food Fortnight - the biggest annual, national celebration of British food and drink – which was established in 2002 in the wake of the foot and mouth crisis.  Montezuma’s will be actively participating in activities throughout the two-week event, taking place between 17th September and 2nd October.


During the Fortnight, Montezuma’s will be involved in a number of activities with the aim of ensuring that every visitor will have been able to try its locally produced chocolate and learn about the company’s ethical values. Visitors will be able to meet the Montezuma’s team at the following events:


·         17th September – Emsworth Market Day

·         20th, 29th, 30th September – Brookfield Hotel, College Lunches

·         24th September – Wine and Chocolate tasting at the Emsworth Wine Fair at Hewitts and Tasting stand at the Co-op

·         1st October – A Thought for Food Market, South Street


2016 marks the third year of Emsworth Food Fortnight which has enjoyed great success to date; in 2014 the event won the national organiser’s award for the best celebration of British food during the Fortnight.

Founders of Montezuma’s, Helen and Simon Pattinson, are champions of ethical, locally produced food and with their factory located just outside Chichester and their family home near to Emsworth, the connection made sense, both from a business and community perspective.

Helen comments: “We are very excited to be supporting the Emsworth British Food Fortnight this year. We make chocolate, so it’s very hard for us not to be ‘foodies’! What better event to be involved in than one that celebrates food – and importantly, showcases local food? The emphasis on education is a key factor for us, as with children of our own, the concept of ‘field to fork’ and teaching where food comes from is such an important issue.”

Alistair Gibson, part of the Organising Committee for Emsworth British Food Fortnight, is equally pleased about the partnership and comments: “Emsworth British Food Fortnight is a real celebration of both food and the people who produce it and it’s wonderful to have the support and involvement of Montezuma’s this year. In many ways it’s the perfect partnership, both Emsworth and Montezuma’s have a great story to tell and it’s easy to see that Montezuma’s is passionate about what it does and the chocolate it produces.  Our thanks to Montezuma’s, without whom many of the planned events would not be possible - or certainly as much fun!”


Events and activities over the fortnight include local producer Markets, Apple Pressing Day, a Community Seafood Lunch on the Quay, a Traditional Pie Masterclass and much more. Emsworth businesses will be showcasing the town’s independent high street with tastings, demonstrations and special offers. Education and community are key to the fortnight’s programme with involvement from local primary schools and colleges of further education and support for local charities the Beacon Food Bank and Stonepillow.


Printed programmes for the Fortnight will be available in Montezuma’s Chichester and Winchester stores.

Montezuma’s is an award-winning chocolate company, established in 2000, which produces innovative British chocolate, selling its range of bars and truffles through its own shops in London and the South East, online and through Liberty’s, Waitrose, Southern Co-operative, John Lewis, Selfridges and good independent fine food stores nationwide.




8th September


The Friends of Nore Barn Wood Celebrate the Succesful Conclusion of a Four Year Project

The Friends of Nore Barn Woods held a celebration event to mark the successful completion of the Shore Conservation Project.  Finishing this final stretch means that the southern boundary of the woods is now protected by a sloping bank of interlocking concrete blocks which will be colonised by plants as the years go on. The footpath and a line of oaks are now protected from undercutting at high tide.  Guests at the event included Richard Craven, Harbour Master and Director of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy who cut the ribbon to mark the completed final section of the shore protection work. He congratulated the Friends on their hard work in getting the funds together and investing so much time and effort into completing the work from 2010 to.  Also at the event were representatives of many of the funding bodies who had contributed sums large and small to the work.

A cake (courtesy of Millpond Cakes, Emsworth), was ceremonially cut to share with all the guests. 

The party was reported in The News, Portsmouth edition.







5th September



Pr0p0sed Solent Way Upgrade Project – Warblington Road to Nore Barn Woods

This stretch of the Solent Way floods at high tides so that walkers have to paddle up to their knees or change their plans. The problem is that the raised path by the seawall peters out leaving a low patch and the bridge over the stream is not high enough at high tides. If people try and avoid the water over the bridge they sometimes stray into the reed-beds where there is a hidden pond and you can’t avoid getting wet anyway. There is no other bridge except by taking a long detour of about a mile up to the main road (the A259)and using Selangor path and Beach Road.

A community group has come together to try and improve the situation by extending the raised walkway at the foot of the seawall and by replacing the old damaged bridge with a new higher one. This will be costly and require a lot of permissions because of the delicate nature of the ecosystem and habitats. Many bodies have to be consulted. Draw­ings of the project have been assembled with the help of Havant Council’s Civil Engineering and Landscape team.

It is required and in order to obtain that we have to speak to many local and national agencies. It will be some time before the application goes in. There will also be a requirement for a public consultation.

We shall be applying for grants but we hope that Natural England may help with costs as this area is a key point of the newly joined up England Coastal Path due to be launched in 2020. We have made some applications for funding and any new ideas will be gratefully received. We shall have to raise in the order of £50,000, mainly for the new bridge.

The Friends of Nore Barn Woods have agreed to place information on their website under Solent Way Upgrade Pro­ject. As more information becomes available it will be placed there. www.norebarnwoods.org.uk





2nd September



Havant Rotary Scalextric Challenge Wows Show Visitors


The Havant Rotary Scalextric Challenge was taken up by close to 100 budding Formula One drivers at the Emsworth Show on Bank Holiday Monday 29 August.

Racing around a large Scalextric figure 8 track, two competitors at a time pitched their reflexes and driving skills to be crowned champion on the day.  Junior and senior competitions were ran and won by 9 year old Dylan Houghton and David Pitney with times of 5.0 and 5.6 seconds.  

Each racer was allowed a practice lap followed by 10 race timed laps and their fastest time recorded.   A £2.00pp entry fee was charged with all profit going to charity.

Race Director Trevor Nightingale says “We had a really tight fight in both classes and plenty of healthy competition between parents and families.  The winners’ times were truly remarkable”.

The annual Emsworth Show is one of the largest social events in the Havant Rotary area and provides a great platform for members to meet with thousands of local residents, talk about the club’s work in the local community and internationally together with our very varied social and sporting programmes.  A video was also shown throughout. Those interested in more details with a view to joining are being invited to an informal wine and canapes event in October.  Full details are available from Rotarian Trevor Nightingale on M.07469 248988 or email tnightingale@btinternet.com.





29th August


Emsworth British Food Fortnight


Emsworth will once again be participating in British Food Fortnight, from 17th September to 2nd October. British Food Fortnight is a wonderful opportunity for Emsworth to showcase its food heritage but more than that it’s about the community coming together to celebrate itself through food. Three words sum up what this fortnight is all about: 


Community      Education       Celebration



There is an amazing program of events and activities over the fortnight from local producer Markets to Apple Pressing Day, from a Community Seafood Lunch on the Quay to a Traditional Pie Masterclass and so, so much more. Emsworth businesses will be pushing the boat out this year too with tastings, demonstrations and special offers. Once again Emsworth is working with local primary schools – don’t miss their Scarecrows around the village – Colleges of Further Education and supporting the Beacon Food Bank.


Some of this year’s main events include -


·         Emsworth Market Day with Hampshire Farmers’ Market - Saturday 17th September


·         The ‘Great British Menu’ College Lunches - 3 local catering colleges take over the Brookfield Hotel and design, prepare and serve a ‘Great British Menu’


Fareham College- 20th September,  Highbury College – 29th September, South Downs College – 30th September


·         Emsworth Apple Pressing Day – Sunday 18th September

·         A real community event. Local apples grown by residents producing ‘Emsworth Apple Presse’ in the Square. The label for this year will be unveiled on the day, designed by a local primary school pupil. This event also supports Stonepillow.


·         Hampshire Farmers’ Market Award’s Dinner –  Brookfield Hotel -  Tuesday 22nd September

A celebration of everything that is fabulous about Hampshire’s Food and Drink industry, think the BAFTA’s for local producers! Four course meal and a glass of Hampshire fizz.


·         The Emsworth Wine Fair - Saturday 24th September

Organised by the areas 4 local independent wine merchants, this is a wonderful opportunity to taste over 40 wines and spirits, together with some local cheeses and artisan foods. While focussing on award winning English wines, which will include amongst others Hambledon Vineyard, Chapel Down, Albourne Estate and Wickham Wines, there will also be some fantastic wines from other regions from Rioja to Stellenbosch. However its not just wine, on offer, British Gins and other spirits will also be available to taste.


·         Emsworth Community Seafood Lunch  - Sunday 25th September

Emsworth can trace much of its heritage back to its maritime history and although in the main the fishing boats and its once famous oyster industry may have gone, Emsworth, unlike so many similar communities has still managed to maintain its sense of place. This was celebrated last December with the Lobster Pot Christmas tree, which was a source of great pride and enjoyment for the whole community. The Emsworth Community Seafood lunch will once again celebrate this heritage; the lunch will be served on the Quay, on long communal tables and will be prepared by four of the areas leading Chefs:


Lawrence Murphy – Fat Olives Restaurant, Giles Babb – Blue Bell Inn, Gary Pearce – Restaurant 36 on the Quay                                                   Jon Scourfield – Brookfield Hotel


The lunch will see the launch of this years Emsworth’s Lobster pot Christmas Tree and all profits from the

Lunch will go to Stonepillow.


·         Emsworth’s First British Beer and Cider Festival - Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October

Enjoy up to 30 great British beers, both local and from further afield, combined with some astonishingly good English wines and cider, as well as live entertainment and local food producers.


·         A ‘Thought for Food’ Local Showcase Market - Saturday 1st October

The A Thought For Food Market will be back for a third year on Saturday, 1st October.  Created to enable local food & drink producers from West Sussex and Hampshire to come together and showcase their products here in Emsworth, this outdoor market has proved a big hit with both visitors and producers. There will be live music, poetry and creative writing readings, The Portsmouth Shanty Men, food safaris and food demonstrations throughout the day so this market should have something to appeal to just about everyone!


·         Taking the Harvest to Primary Schools

In conjunction with Hampshire Farmers’ Market taking food education into local primary schools with Food workshops for pupils.


·         ‘A Boost of Kindness’

Working with The Beacon Food Bank to build a ‘Food Mountain’ - culminating on Sunday 2nd October


·         A Special Community Harvest Festival Service in St. Peter’s Square - Sunday 2nd October 11.30am


The programme will be released 1st September with a full listing over of 75 food related activities that both residents and visitors can take part in. To misquote Oliver Twist ‘Please Sir, can I have some more?” – “yes, you can and lots more!”


“We are so excited about this year’s Emsworth British Food Fortnight, we were determined to build on last year’s success and are so grateful to the partners we have been able to involve, particularly our headline sponsor’s Montezumas Chocolate, their support will enable us to invest more in food education and awareness as well as allowing the range and breadth of events to increase. I can’t wait to see Emsworth celebrating this year’s harvest” Alistair Gibson, Emsworth Business Association


“At Montezuma’s, we are really excited to be supporting the Emsworth British Food Fortnight this year.  Producing all of our chocolate just a few miles away, the Fortnight is a fantastic forum for us to get as many people to try Montezuma’s as possible and showcase our products to such an interested audience.  The Fortnight provides so many opportunities to discover and enjoy local food so I will also be attending many events for my own enjoyment!”  Helen Pattinson, Co-founder & Director, Montezuma’s Chocolates


“The Brookfield Hotel is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Emsworth British Food Fortnight. We are so excited to share in the passion that Emsworth has in promoting our community, to live and work in. This is a real celebration of all  the very best of seasonal and local produce as well as all that is great about Emsworth.” Amanda Thomas, General Manager, The Brookfield Hotel


“Being actively involved in our local communities and supporting the rural economy across the south of England is really important to The Southern Co-operative. The feel good factor generated by last year’s British Food Fortnight in Emsworth was outstanding, so it is a pleasure to be involved again this year; sponsoring the ‘A Thought for Food’ Local Showcase Market on Saturday 1st October. British Food Fortnight is a real opportunity to celebrate the people behind our fabulous local food, including those who supply our own Local Flavours range in store.” Garry Farne, Retail Business Manager for The Southern Co-operative, Emsworth


·         A full listing of events will be released in this year’s programme, to be launched on 1st September

·         An announcement of ticket sales for ticked events will follow shortly.

·         For more information about British Food Fortnight – www.lovebritishfood.co.uk


For more information on the British Food Fortnight in Emsworth visit www.Emsworth.org.uk  & www.emsworthbritishfoodfortnight.co.uk





17th August


Havant Rotary Offer Exciting   Challenge To Emsworth Show Visitors


Havant Rotary is offering an exciting challenge to visitors at the Emsworth Show on Bank Holiday Monday 29 August.


Racing around a large Scalextric figure 8 track, two competitors at a time will pitch their reflexes and driving skills to be crowned champion on the day.  Junior and senior competitions will be run with prizes for the top three in each.    Each racer will be allowed a practice lap followed by 10 race timed laps and their fastest time recorded.   A £2.00pp entry fee will be charged   with all profit going to charity.


Race Director Trevor Nightingale says “We are expecting a really tight fight in both classes and plenty of healthy competition between parents and siblings”.  

Havant Rotary will also being showing a video of the club’s work in the local community and internationally together with our very varied social and sporting programmes.  Members will be on hand to answer questions and will have details of our next invitation wine and canapes event for those who would like more information.  The annual Emsworth Show is open from 10.30am to 5pm and held on the Emsworth Recreation Ground.  There is a programme of events in the show ring plus a wide range of stands and other attractions















15th August



Looking forward to the Emsworth Show

August Bank Holiday will soon be here and this means Emsworth Show time again. The Show is an important event for our community and many people take part – entering the competitions, enjoying the attractions, trade stands and activities and helping organize and run the show itself. We hold the show to bring together the community and although the focus is on the horticultural marquee there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy – so we hope you will come along and support your local show. Once we have paid our expenses the money raised from the show is given to those organizations who support and help us as well as donations to local good causes who need funds for their work.

The Show, runs from 10.30 to 17.00 at the Jubilee Recreation Ground, Emsworth, with the Exhibition Marquee opening at 12.30, after the judging has been completed and the Mayor has officially declared the Show open. The prizes will be presented in the Marquee at 16.00. The Prize Draw will take place at 16.15. Local sponsors of the Prize Draw have been very generous and include a luxury hamper of local produce, a tour of the House of Lords with afternoon tea, Polo tickets at Cowdray Park, paintings but local artisits and meals at Emsworth’s best restaurants as well as various donations from many local businesses. The prize list is really impressive.


The FREE Show Schedules were sent to all previous competitors in July and more widely distributed in August and now there is full information on the website. This is your chance to enter over 240 classes of flower, fruit, vegetable, handicrafts, cookery and photography with 45 classes for children and young people from 4 - 13. The cookery section is very popular and this year we have included a Show Stopper - A Bake Off Challenge for those special cakes!! The men are not forgotten and competition is fierce for their special class of ‘Something to serve with a cup of coffee/tea’, as well as a flower arrangement class based on the Shakespeare Theme of ‘As You Like It’. There is a lot of talent around…all ages and sexes!! Full details of the Schedule are on line with entry forms for the main classes and Photography which has classes for adults and young exhibitors.


A wide variety of stalls, including community groups and a full list of all stalls is on the website. There are retail food outlets and entertainment and activities for all the family .


In the Main Arena there are events throughout the day including the amazing 3 Sixty Bike Stunt Display which shows the ultimate adrenaline filled display of skills and thrills, GMG Falconry with a birds of prey flying demonstration as well as feeding time with an excellent static display, Fit and Funky, Homested Dog Agility and a parade of Vintage and Classic Cars.




30th July


Consultation on Draft Local Plan Housing Statement and Local Plan 2036


Havant Borough Council is consulting local residents and businesses on a Draft Local Plan Housing Statement, which will also form the framework for the emerging Havant Borough Local Plan 2036.


The need to significantly boost the supply of new housing by meeting the objectively assessed need for new and affordable homes, infrastructure, shops and other facilities is a requirement under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and becoming increasingly important locally.


The Draft Local Plan Housing Statement explains the Council’s intended approach to managing this pressing issue over the next 20 years by identifying specific sites for strategic, planned development. This approach will ensure that the necessary infrastructure is provided alongside new homes and avoid running the risk of inappropriate schemes being granted planning permission on appeal. The document, when it is adopted, will be an important aid to making decisions on planning applications in the borough until the new Local Plan is adopted in early 2018.


To give local residents and businesses an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the proposals, the Council will be holding a series of public exhibitions during August. Dates, times and venues for these exhibitions are as follows:





Emsworth Community Centre, North St, Emsworth,

PO10 7DD

10th August 


United Reform Church, Hollow Lane, Hayling Island,

PO11 9EY

15th August


Bedhampton Social Hall, Bedhampton Road, Havant, PO9 9ES

18th August


Phoenix Centre, Crookhorn Lane, Waterlooville, PO7 5QB

22nd August


Leigh Park Community Centre, Dunsbury Way, Havant, PO7 5QB

25th August


Reception Area, Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX

31st August



The consultation is also an opportunity to shape the emerging Havant Borough Local Plan 2036. As the Adopted Local Plan already reflects the requirements of the NPPF in its approach to managing development, the Council is reviewing the Local Plan rather than starting completely afresh. We are asking residents and businesses to help us with this process by answering three specific questions, which are:


·         What parts of the Adopted Local Plan do you consider work particularly well?

·         What parts of the Adopted Local Plan could be improved?

·         Are there any areas which are not covered in the Adopted Local Plan which the Havant Borough Local Plan 2036 should address?


If you would like to formally respond to the consultation, then it would be most helpful if you could focus your response on these questions.


For further information on the consultation and to view the Draft Local Plan Housing Statement and accompanying booklet, ‘Where next for housing in Havant Borough? Proposals for new housing in the borough up to 2036’, please go to  www.havant.gov.uk/localplan.


Any comments you wish to make on the draft document should be submitted to us by 9th September. They should be sent to us either by email to policy.design@havant.gov.uk or by post. Please see the bottom of this newsletter for the Council’s postal address.


Parking Supplementary Planning Document


The parking standards set out in the Residential Parking and Cycle Provision SPD (2010) and the Non-Residential Parking Standards in the Local Plan (Core Strategy) are no longer considered to be fit for purpose.  They pre-date the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and were based on guidance in Planning Policy Guidance Note PPG13, which advised applying maximum standards. 


Whilst the NPPF retains the aim of reducing the need to travel, therefore minimising the use of the car, the emphasis in the NPPF is for the provision of adequate levels of parking to accommodate the car in developments; alongside the additional considerations of public transport availability, accessibility and local car ownership levels.  Maximum parking standards constrained the amount of parking that could be achieved on developments in the past.  The proposed standards within this revised SPD will address this with minimum standards which will result in greater levels of parking on new developments.


The SPD was subject consultation and the comments received have been carefully considered and where appropriate the document has been amended.  The Parking SPD was approved at Full Council on the 27th July and has now been adopted. 


It can be found on at: http://www.havant.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/planning-policy/supplementary-planning-documents






25th July


Work finally to begin on central Emsworth path


A path that links one sides of a town in Hampshire is finally set to be repaired after being closed for nearly a year.

A dangerously overhanging wall closed the footpath along North Street in Emsworth last September.

But now, Hampshire County Council has awarded a grant of £45,000 to Havant Borough Council this week to re-establish the important pedestrian link.

The grant was agreed by Councillor Roy Perry with an extra £10,000 to resurface the footpath in front of the wall.

“This one off grant will enable Havant Borough Council to fully rebuild a dangerous wall along North Street, which is no longer able to support the soil behind it. We recognise the problems being experienced by pedestrians because of the state of the wall, and we are pleased that because of our scale, we have the capacity and financial resource to be able to help the Borough Council.– Councillor Perry

Meridian News  23 Jul





30th June


Local Primary School wins Green Waste Poster Competition.

The Woodhorn Group is delighted to announce that Thorney Island Primary School was one of  the three winners of its green waste poster competition for schools.

Launched in February, the competition received over 100 entries from school children aged between 4- and 11 in West Sussex. To enter pupils had to create a poster showing how peat free compost helps the garden in order to raise awareness of the importance of recycling green waste.

The students who submitted the winning entries were; Naomi Wollett aged six from Trafalgar School in Horsham; Bebe Duncan aged eight from Camelsdale Primary School in Haslemere; and Arron Killen aged nine from Thorney Island Primary School.

The winners were picked across three different age groups and will each receive a mini gardening set as well as a behind the scenes tour of The Woodhorn Group’s organic dairy farm for their class.

On top of this, each winning students’ school will receive all the support and materials needed to create a raised bed or vegetable patch for students to enjoy.

John Pitts, Managing Director of The Woodhorn Group, commented, “We’d like to say thank you to all the students who entered our poster competition, we are delighted to have received so many wonderful poster designs.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing all the imaginative entries and hope that our competition has helped raise awareness of green waste recycling. We are now looking forward to showing the schools round our organic dairy farm and seeing the garden bed projects come to life.”

On the judging panel alongside John Pitts were Jim Buckland, Gardens Manager at West Dean Gardens, Kate Goddard and Stuart McGinley from Spirit FM and Gloria Robinson of Tawny Nurseries in Birdham.

Kate Goddard, Presenter at Spirit FM, commented, “It was a great competition to highlight the importance of composting and we were very impressed by the quality and variety of posters entered. Well done to everyone that entered.”

The Woodhorn Group has been recycling local garden waste at their sites in Tangmere and Runcton since 1998. Over 74,000 tons of garden waste is recycled each year and turned into their Earth Cycle range of peat free compost. This is then reused for gardens, football pitches, golf courses and playgrounds around the country.

Managing Director of The Woodhorn Group, John Pitts, was recognized for his commitment to sustainability at the national Farmers Weekly Awards last October where he was named Sustainable Farmer of the Year.

The organic farming and waste management company is passionate about contributing in a positive way to the local community and is involved in various charities and local projects including The Aldingbourne Trust and Transition Chichester.

Visit www.woodhorngroup.co.uk or www.earthcycle.co.uk to see the winning poster entries.


 30th June


Sponsor scheme launched for community orchard


People in Emsworth and Westbourne are being invited to remember a loved one, or mark a special event, by sponsoring a tree at their new community orchard.  Applications are now open.

The orchard, at Hampshire Farm Meadows, has been set up by local environmental group Greening Westbourne.

Since November, the group has planted 16 apple trees on the site, on the border of the two communities. Now local people are being invited to adopt one of the trees, or buy more. They can remember a family member or mark a special occasion with a dedication plate.

The goal is to have up to 60 fruit trees on the site, with benches nearby and eventually a regular harvest of apples, pears, plum and apricots.

The orchard is on new public open space, popular with local people, next to the Redlands Grange housing development.

Richard Hitchcock, of Greening Westbourne, said: "The orchard is under way, with the first apples starting to grow, and we now have a scheme set up for people to adopt an existing tree or sponsor a new one.

"They can go to our website and download an application form. We're sure local residents, or anyone with a local connection, will want to sponsor trees in memory of loved ones, as gifts, or just to help us fund the orchard.

"Our idea is to help preserve traditional fruit varieties and help local people, especially children, get a bit closer to the earth. Growing food locally reminds us that it doesn't always have to be flown thousands of miles across the world." 

A group of volunteers recruited by Greening Westbourne have been working to get the orchard established. Along with local people, Westbourne's Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been helping to plant trees. Local tree surgeon Mike Reed has also being lending his expertise, and Havant Borough Council and the Tree Council have supported the project.

It costs £50 to sponsor or adopt a tree, and dedication plates are £30. All money will go into orchard funds, used to buy new trees and maintain the area.

To apply, search Greening Westbourne online and go to the 'news' section of the site.

To contact the group, email greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk  Its next meeting is at 7.30pm at the White Horse,

 Westbourne, on 5 July.




17th June


Cobstock 7

Wind and rain threatened Cobstock 7 but was frightened away by the warmth of the crowd.  The sun shone, the bands were fabulous and another wonderful festival weekend was enjoyed at Cobnor point on the banks of Chichester harbour.

Shore and water based activities kept children entertained while parents enjoyed delicious local food, ales, cider and cocktails and listened to music ranging from a 60 strong rock choir to a full on funk band.

In addition to sailing, kayaking, archery etc. this year Oarsome Chance  charity (www.oarsome Chance.co.uk) gave participants the opportunity to enjoy team rowing in their beautiful wooden skiffs.

Saturday afternoon began with talented young bands and singer/songwriters  presented by Ovation Music (www.ovation music.org.uk). Cobstock has always aimed to help and encourage  young people whether on the water, or on a stage.  It is a family festival that appeals to all ages and 7 years later the shy little ones that first came in 2009 are now lively teenagers leaping about in front of the bands or singing their hearts out on the stage

We are very proud to announce that in the 7 years since Cobstock began we have raised in excess of £130 000 for charity.  A huge thank you to all the performers and volunteers who have given freely of their time and most importantly to all the families who have attended with such enthusiasm.  We will be back next year on 1st 2nd and 3rd June.  Put it in your diaries and come and join us.










10th June



Compassionate Friends Charity local support group



The Compassionate Friends Charity have just started a local support group for parents whose child has died at any age and from any cause;  as part of the group they would like to have a small free lending library.

Many parents find solace not only in talking to other bereaved parents but often by trying to begin to make sense of their loss by reading books to gain some kind of understanding.  If you have any books on bereavement and grief, that you would like to donate to the group they would be very gratefully received.

Please contact Sue Brooks via private message, thank you so much. Charity website:  www.tcf.org.uk'






7th June


Emsworth Celebrates the Queens 90th Birthday on Sunday 12th June


Emsworth is gearing up to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday with a Community Street Party on Sunday 12th June. The Queen turned 90 on April 21, but she also has an official birthday in June - this year it falls on Saturday, June 11 and the finale of the official celebrations will a giant street party on the Mall .The nation’s focus maybe on the celebrations in the Mall, with tickets at £150 each but in Emsworth its all about celebrating as a community. Emsworth’s St.Peters’ Square will be closed off for the afternoon and a good old-fashioned street party will be put in place. There will be 2 afternoon tea sittings at 1.45pm and again at 3pm and anyone who is 90 this year or over is invited free of charge. For everyone else tickets are £5 and because the whole event has been sponsored by the wonderful Wednesday Group all proceeds will be going to the Chichester based charity Stonepillow.  Entertainment is being provide by  Paul King and his traditional Punch and Judy show and the wonderful named ‘Victoria Sponge’ (local resident Judith Cooper) who plays Ukulele and who has prepared a sing along medley specially for the occasion.

Everyone is welcome and for those that cant get a ticket for the afternoon tea, there is lots to enjoy with ice creams, tea and cake stalls, local award winning sparkling wine from Hambledon Vineyard and of course the entertainment. The new Mayor of Havant, Councillor Faith Ponsonby, also an Emsworth resident, will open the proceedings and will sit down to afternoon tea herself.  It all about Emsworth doing what it does best and celebrating as a community and even Emsworth’s symbolic Swan logo has dressed up for the day!


None of this would have been possible with out the support of local groups and businesses. The Wednesday Group is a small group of Emsworth Woman who for the last few years have organised Christmas Fairs and wanted to put the proceeds back into the community – we are indebted to them for their support of this street party. Sandwiches are coming from Driftwood Café and Heidi’s Swiss Patisserie is helping with the scones and support has also come from Havant Borough Council and Emsworth Methodist Church and Pastoral Centre.


“This is such a great idea, celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday and brining the whole community together, the fact that we can support it and that it will also benefit Stonepillow is just the icing on top of the ‘afternoon’ cup cake” Mrs. Joanne Thomas, Emsworth’s The Wednesday Group.


There are still a few tickets left and they can be obtained from the Brookfield Hotel or Emsworth Home Hardware priced at £5 per person or ‘Free’ if guests are over 90.



  • ·         For more info on Emsworth – www.emsworth.org.uk

  • ·         The EBA would like to thank The Wednesday Group, The Brookfield Hotel, Monster Creative, Driftwood Café, Heidi’s Swiss Patisserie, Emsworth Methodist Church & Havant Borough Council


7th June


Successful Surgery Signposter Scheme comes to Havant


Following the successful launch of the Surgery Signposter scheme in Gosport, Community First Volunteer Service is now helping recruit volunteers for a medical practice in Havant. Ina Allum from Community First said “this exciting new scheme is looking for volunteers who have a spare few hours a week to help patient’s access advice and support from their local communities and voluntary organisations. The aim is to help people who are currently living with long term conditions or may have social needs and assist in accessing the right support for them”.

The scheme has been such a success in Gosport it is being replicated in Havant. All volunteers will receive full training to enable them to signpost patients to other forms of support to help improve their wellbeing. This could be support with diabetes, weight loss, loneliness or wide range of conditions that community groups could help with. Volunteers don’t need direct experience, however previous health, social care or other relevant volunteering involvement could be useful.

Elaine Nash, a volunteer from the Gosport scheme said “I have really enjoyed being a Surgery Signposter, spending a morning a week at the medical practice talking to patients about what services are available for them. It’s just about helping people – being a listening ear. Having retired from being a trained nurse for many years, it was a good opportunity to continue to use my experience and knowledge within the community, offering support to people who are currently going through health problems”.

Anyone who would like to be involved and wishes to offer their help, can contact Ina Allum from Community First at ssp@cfheh.org.uk or call 07467 941002. There will be initial and ongoing training, induction at the surgery, ongoing advice and support for all volunteers.



3rd June

Emsworth's Gas Holder has Finally Gone

Emsworth's gas holder, built in 1934, has been dismantled by Southern Gas Networks and could eventually make way for new development. The one-acre site, off Palmers Road, has had gas holders ever since 1853 when The Emsworth Gas and Coke Company was formed to provide gas to people in Emsworth.  It has always been a bit of a talking point in Emsworth – with some loving its striking look and others seeing it as an ugly eyesore on the skyline.

Built by Messrs Robert Dempster and Sons Limited of Yelland in Yorkshire on the site of the old gas works this was a fine piece of engineering and has been an important part of the Emsworth skyline for over 80 years. The site off Palmers Road was originally used by the Emsworth Gas and Coke Company which closed down in 1927.

The current holder was built on a huge concrete base and stored gas supplied by a 15” diameter trunk main from the Hilsea Gas Works at Portsmouth. Redundant since 2012 it has been demolished this year. 

Throughout June an exhibition will be held at  Emsworth Museum - open weekends, Saturday openings : 10.30am – 4.30pm Sunday openings : 2.30pm – 4.30pm   The exhibition will include pictures of the building of the gas holder in 1933/1934 as well as dramatic views of its recent removal..


31st May


Moving service in Emsworth remembers the Battle of Jutland

That was the poignant sentiment at a civic church service in Emsworth to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland.

We must never forget

Pippa Nalder

Around 200 people gathered at St James’ Church to remember the lives lost in the battle, including 14 men from Emsworth.

There was sombre silence as the 14 men’s names were read out by Pippa Nalder – whose father Kenneth Wilson was 16 in the battle and lived to tell the tale to his children – and Pippa’s husband Mike Nalder.

Pippa, 73, of Emsbrook Drive, Emsworth, had brought along a letter her father penned shortly after the battle while serving on HMS Minotaur.

Pippa told The News: ‘We should remember people who gave their lives and the freedom they assured us.

‘We must never forget. They fought for our freedom. Our country is very special.’

During the service, the leader of Havant Borough Council, Mike Cheshire, the former Commanding Officer of HMS Victory, spoke of the terrible loss of human life and the 176,000 tons of shipping being lost over 36 hours. He presented a plaque from HMS Iron Duke – the flagship of the Grand Fleet – that has been bestowed to the people of Havant borough.

Bedhampton Councillor David Smith told the congregation how the outcome of the battle had always been a matter of controversy. But he added: ‘It was a victory that certainly decided the outcome of the First World War.’

Cllr Smith read a message from Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, Commanding Officer of the Grand Fleet at Jutland. He said his grandfather’s thoughts were with the people of Emsworth and the Havant borough. The message added: ‘8,600 men did not return to their families, including 14 men from Emsworth.

‘It is their sacrifice we turn our thoughts to today.’

There was a moving speech from Victoria Edwards, who is a recipient of the Cornwell Scout Medal, which honours the courage of Jack Cornwell, a 16-year-old gunner who died in the battle and was the youngest-ever recipient of the Victoria Cross.

She said: ‘Jack Cornwell showed amazing strength by staying at his post even though he was mortally wounded.’

A sermon given by The Rev David-Stephen Butler said that the main emotion for the sailors during the 36 hours of the battle would have been ‘fear and apprehension’.

The Mayor of Havant borough, Councillor Faith Ponsonby, highlighted the young age of the sailors and them being ‘terrified amid the smoke of the bangs, fire and explosion’ and ‘being plunged into icy seas’.  She said we should remember the ‘wives left to bring up children’ and the children who grew up without a father.

The News 02-06-2016



29th April



Historic Emsworth pub’s future is safe – says new owner

Punch Taverns sold The Town Brewery in Emsworth to property developer David Roberts last year. and after more than 30 years pulling pints, landlady Lois Tibbetts is retiring at the end of the summer.

Permission has already been granted to redevelop the first and second floors into two, two-bedroom flats.

After that, the future is uncertain but Mr Roberts, whose parents owned the nearby Sussex Brewery for 20 years, said rumours that it will become another coffee shop or even a topless bar are wildly off the mark.

Mr Roberts said: ‘When we bought the building we considered opening a really nice deli with wine, somewhere you could taste the stuff before you bought it.

‘But there is also the idea of creating a brewhouse, with a microbrewery on-site. We’re not sure at the moment but I’ve heard all sorts of rumours about what people think it’s going to be – even that it’s going to be a Hooters.’

Although the building is one of the oldest in Emsworth’s high street it is not listed but Mr Roberts said the only changes to be made will be to tidy it up.

‘Punch Taverns didn’t spend a penny on it in over 30 years so it’s a bit of a mess internally.

‘But it’s such a lovely building. It’s the first thing you see when you drive into the village.

‘I can’t believe it’s not listed.

 ‘We wouldn’t change the front, except to tidy it up.’

Mrs Tibbetts said she wasn’t available to speak to The News about her impending retirement.

But the hardworking landlady is well-known for refusing to change the secret of the pub’s success.

It is traditional with no music, no food – except crisps – and only quiet chatter.

Mobile phones are discouraged.

Over the years the pub has raised thousands of pounds for local good causes.

Alistair Gibson, from the Emsworth Business Association said: ‘If it remains a pub or becomes a food-related business which will add to our individual high street, it’s a positive.’


The News 29th April


Emsworth & Hayling Island Walking Football Team (E&HIWFC) win their fifth trophy

Emsworth & Hayling Island Walking Football Team (E&HIWFC) won their fifth trophy in seven tournaments entered when they ventured 'overseas' 


to the Isle of Wight for a competition held on Sunday 24 April.

The seven-man squad, managed by Steve Savage, took part in the FA-affiliated event organised by Caulkhead Strollers in Sandown.  Despite  losing their opening game to Ryde they bounced back with victories against their hosts, and West Wight to set up an opportunity to avenge  their earlier defeat in the Final.  By this time the squad were firing on all cylinders and demolished their opponents 5-1 to claim their fifth trophy.










26th April



A Planning Application  for Signage on  an Historic Building in Emsworth has been Withdrawn.

Plans submitted to Havant Borough Council for two signs on a dental practice at 4 Havant Road, Emsworth have been withdrawn following objections from the Emsworth Residents association and local historian Bob Smyth.

Mr. Smyth was particularly concerned that  the proposal was completely out of keeping with the buildings status as  Grade II-listed, having been the former coach house and stables for the nearby Seafield House.

It is not if the applicants, Envisage Dental, will submit a revised proposal.





25th April



NATIONS FAVOURITE COSTA COFFEE COMES TO EMSWORTH - Grand Opening at 10am Saturday 30th April


Coffee lovers in Emsworth are in for a big treat when a new Costa Coffee shop opens in town on Saturday 30th April. The new store will bring the nations favourite coffee to Emsworth, as well as offering free Wi-Fi and large sofa areas for friends and family to meet.


The grand opening event on Saturday 30th April promises to create a buzz in the town as Costa will be welcoming all its new customers with a jazz band, and the Mayor of Havant, Councillor Leah Turner will be officiating the opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10am.


Mayor of Havant, Councillor Leah Turner said: “I am delighted to be opening the new Costa coffee store here in Emsworth. The new Costa will not only create new jobs but will also provide another great reason for local people to visit our town.  I wish store manager Jen Speight and her staff every success.”


The new 2,000 sq ft store is being opened by Southampton-based Costa franchisees Robin Arkle and Andy Hirst, whose company Premier Coffee already operates a number of other Costas across the region.  The Emsworth store will be managed by Jen Speight, who has recently been running Costas Petersfield store. She has been eagerly awaiting the opening of the new store in Emsworth and has a great passion for providing the best customer service teamed with the nations favourite coffee.

Costa is creating employment for 8 local people at the Emsworth store, all of whom have been provided with comprehensive barista training to be able to serve customers with Costas full range of delicious coffees, using the Ferrari of coffee machines that Costa employs throughout all its stores.


Comments store manager Jen Speight: “The new Costa Coffee will become a focal point for people visiting Emsworth to come and experience great coffee and excellent customer service in a friendly and relaxed environment.  The whole team is looking forward to welcoming the people of Emsworth to our new Costa, which we hope will quickly become a key part of the local community.”


Matt Coulthard, Costas Operations Manager adds: “Were delighted to be opening our new store in Emsworth and with it, creating at least 8 new jobs and training opportunities for local young people. This will help revitalise the local economy as well as regenerating the former Barclays building and giving it a new lease of life. Our stores in the surrounding towns are so popular we wanted to bring our great coffee and service even closer to the people of Emsworth.”


35,000 Buy One Get One Free vouchers have been distributed to households in and around Emsworth in the lead up to the store opening.











25th April

Spring cleaning Westbourne


Westbourne was given a spring clean on Sunday 17 April by 21 residents who volunteered to pick up litter across the village. Equipped with hi-vis vests, gloves, bags and trigger activated litter pickers - supplied by Chichester District Council - the volunteers collected 28 large bags of rubbish that had previously been littering the streets and hedgerows.  


The annual spring clean day is run by Westbourne Parish Council and has been held for the last three years. This year’s event was the most successful so far, both in terms of the number of volunteers that attended and the amount of litter collected.


Cllr Richard Hitchcock, Chairman of Westbourne Parish Council, said: “I would like to thank everyone who gave up a couple of hours of their Sunday afternoon to come and help us clean up the village. Our spring clean day is a great opportunity to meet other people, and to contribute towards making the village a place we are even prouder to live in.


“Sitting round and enjoying well-earned refreshments at the end of the afternoon represented an excellent opportunity for villagers to discuss various issues of concern, and to reflect on what else they might have done if people would only learn to dispose of their litter more appropriately!”




22nd April


Emsworth shows its true colours for the Queen and St George

A ROUSING version of God Save the Queen was played to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday at Emsworth’s annual display of patriotism for St George’s Day.

Soldiers from 12 Regiment Royal Artillery led a parade of veterans and schoolchildren through Queen Street to St Peters’s Square in honour of all those who have fought for our country, and in particular veterans of the Korean War.

Since the parade began nine years ago organisers have chosen to honour veterans of the Forgotten War, and mark the battle of Imjin River which raged from April 22 to 25 1951 with the Imjin Rose, given to all serving soldiers and veterans on parade.

The Emsworth Rose, as it is also known, was presented by Councillor Leah Turner, mayor of Havant, who expressed her thanks to the armed forces and said it was a privilege to welcome them and the veterans to Emsworth.

Norman Davies, 84, from Horndean, is a veteran of the battle.

He said: ‘It means a great deal to us in the Korean Veterans’ Association to have been invited.

 ‘It is a time to commemorate that particular battle, that particular war, and the people of Emsworth have supported us for nine years now. We really appreciate it.’

Hundreds of people lined the streets waving flags and clapping as the soldiers and veterans paraded past.

Barbara Melrose, of King Street, said: ‘We’ve been almost every year and we think it’s a wonderful opportunity for the people of Emsworth to show their support for the armed forces.

‘And it makes it extra special that we are celebrating the Queen’s birthday too.’

Following the presentation of the roses The George Regis Band struck up a chorus of Happy Birthday followed by God Save the Queen.

It was also a poignant day for Councillor Brendan Gibb-Gray who is stepping down from organising the parade on behalf of Emsworth Business Association after founding it in 2008.

He said: ‘I think it’s time I handed over to somebody else. It’s never too good for one person to keep doing the same thing for too long.

‘I’m very happy to have done this and to now be handing it over to someone else.’

The News 21st April

 More photos of the St George's Day Parade in Emsworth


Business owner defends bid for signage on historic building

A BUSINESS owner has defended a bid for two new signs on a historic building.

Harry Gill spoke in the wake of criticism from local historians about plans for two large signs on his dental practice, enVisage Dental, in Havant Road, Emsworth.

Historian Bob Smyth is concerned as the building is Grade II-listed, having been the former coachhouse and stables for the nearby Seafield House.

The business, which has been in Emsworth since 2001, recently moved from High Street to the new location.

Mr Gill told The News: ‘We had the choice to relocate our business to other areas such as Havant or Chichester as our patients are local as well as travel from the surrounding areas.

‘However, having been part of Emsworth for so long, we really care about being local and decided to invest locally when the opportunity arose

‘In the last 12 months alone we have invested over £550,000 into the building alone to ensure we maintain its historic character and charm, especially with the sympathetic upkeep of internal features, walls, fireplaces and beams.’

He added: ‘The signage will be built only with the best materials used for high end boutiques.

‘Our only aim is to help people coming from outside of Emsworth recognise our boutique clinic as we have patients come from very far to see us.’

He said he was happy to work with local residents on the signage design. A historical information point could also be included.

Havant council will make the final decision.

The News 20th April







16th April


Funds boost from Emsworth charity for cancer ultrasound equipment

FUNDRAISERS have presented a hospital with more than £5,000 for ultrasound equipment.

The Emsworth branch of the charity Prostate Cancer Support Organisation hopes the equipment will enable men to be diagnosed more accurately.

The cheque was accepted by Dominic Hodgson, consultant urologist, who is a specialist in the diagnostics of prostate cancer and brachytherapy at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

The current equipment is on short-term loan.

To contact the charity call 0845 650 2555.

The News 16th April







12th April


Row over plans for signage on historic building in Emsworth


The proposed images submitted to Havant Borough Council for the signs on Havant Road, Emsworth. Some residents are objecting as it is one of the town's oldest buildings

Objectors says sign would be ‘excessive in a shopping mall’

Applicant says signage will ‘enliven a blank wall’

A ROW has broken out over whether two large signs can be put on one of the oldest buildings in a town.

Plans have been submitted to Havant Borough Council for the signs on a dental practice in Havant Road, Emsworth.

The dentist at Envisage Dental has recently moved to the site and the plans state ‘it is important for his existing and new customers to quickly identify and find his premises’.

But some residents are objecting. Local historian Bob Smyth is concerned as the building is Grade II-listed, having been the former coachhouse and stables for the nearby Seafield House.

Seafield House was built in 1834 in Mughal style by former Indian Army officer Colonel James A’hmuty.

From late Victorian times, Seafield House and its coachhouse were owned by Noel Kinnell, Emsworth’s leading early 20th century citizen until his death in 1927.

Owner of the Emsworth Brewery and chairman of Warblington Urban District Council, he donated the millpond to the town and bequeathed funds to build the sea wall.

Mr Smyth, of Malvern Mews, said: ‘The proposed sign two, while on a new brick wall, is so gross it would look excessive in a shopping mall.’

And his objection to the council added: ‘The listed building has a special importance as the north-western cornerstone of the Conservation Area from its historical associations and architectural features.’

Emsworth Residents’ Association also has concerns.

Charles Ashe, who deals with planning matters, said: ‘The concern is that it’s a very large and a very bright sign on a historic building in the conservation area.’

But chartered town planner Steve Lawrence, writing on behalf of the applicant to the council, said the signage had been ‘sensitively positioned’ and would ‘enliven a blank wall fronting the street’.

His letter added: ‘It is therefore considered that the character and appearance of the Emsworth Conservation Area and integrity of the host listed building would be preserved from the signage proposed.’

He said the sign would not be visible from the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.







26th March


Good Friday Walk in Westbourne

Christians in Westbourne, near Emsworth, walked through the village on Good Friday morning with a large wooden cross, continuing a longstanding local Easter tradition.

The villagers, from St John's parish church, met at the top of Monk's Hill and walked down to the village square, stopping for readings and hymns along the way. More than 25 people took part, ending the walk at the church and then enjoying coffee and hot cross buns.

Rector Rev Frank Wright said: "On Good Friday the focus for Christians is on the death of Jesus at the hands of a world which was only interested in power and the domination of people.  Today we still have those interests lurking in our psyche and are still learning how to deal with them. 

"The events in Brussels show us what can happen when we become disengaged from a belief in a God of love and forgiveness and turn to the gods of power, status and domination."




25th March



Oyster boat is subject of exhibition in Emsworth

Emsworth Museum's  first exhibition of the year is about a much-loved historic sailing boat.   David Rudkin is the new curator of Emsworth Museum.   He has put together a show on the 10th anniversary of the relaunch of the Oyster Boat Terror.  

Terror was built in about 1890 to support the large oyster dredgers that worked in Emsworth Harbour.   It was left to decay until a project led by Chichester Harbour Conservancy using a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund allowed it to be restored.   It is run by volunteers and carries passengers around Chichester Harbour.

The exhibition opens this Saturday at Emsworth Museum, above the first station in North Street.  For more information go to www.emsworthmuseum.org.uk  or telephone 01243 378091.

The News  23rd March









5th March


New Local Support Group for Bereaved Parents


For any parent there is nothing more devastating than the death of their child, however old they were when they died.  Sadly some parents have to face this reality – a tragedy beyond comprehension.  You may feel totally unable to cope with the impossible task of learning to live without your child; as if all meaning has been drained from your life.


The support of others who have experienced a similar loss can help you more fully understand the grieving process and give you hope that if others can survive this loss, so can you. 


Many parents turn to The Compassionate Friends (TCF) for support, finding hope and comfort through sharing their story with others and being able to say their child’s name without fear of others turning away when the tears do come. 


Sharing your thoughts and feelings can begin to ease the loneliness and allow the expression of grief in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.  The Compassionate Friends will be running a local monthly support group for all those who find themselves in this tragic situation.


A new group will be starting in Southbourne on Thursday 19 May at 7:00pm


You would be warmly welcome into a safe and warm environment by others, so please call Sue on 07748986631 or email susanc15@live.co.uk for more details.




14th March



16 Regiment Royal Artillery will take part in Exercise IRON GUNNER which will take place from 13-18 March.  This gruelling event will see members of the Regiment cycle 180 miles from Thorney Island to North Luffenham before swimming the equivalent of the 22 mile perimeter of Rutland Water followed by marching back along the 180 mile route to Thorney Island.  Over 50 members of the Regiment will take part.


16 Regiment are an Air Defence Regiment which operates the Rapier Field Standard C surface to air missile system.  Rapier provides the Army with a surface to air capability designed to disable incoming cruise missile attack and enemy air strikes.  The system is extremely versatile, suitable for worldwide operations and capable of operating in arctic and desert environments.  The Regiment are based at Thorney Island, West Sussex with 2 of their Batteries (about 150 soldiers) based at North Luffenham, Rutland. 


Ex IRON GUNNER will commence at 0500 on Sunday 13 Mar 16 with the Regimental Cycling team departing Thorney Island.  They are expected to arrive in North Luffenham in the early hours of Monday Morning.  Monday will see members of 30 Battery (Roger’s Company) Royal Artillery and 49 (Inkerman Battery) Royal Artillery take part in the swimming leg which is 22 Miles long and translates as 1537 lengths of the North Luffenham pool.  At 1400 on Monday the first leg of the march begins with 20 miles on the first afternoon and then 40 miles on each subsequent day. The final leg will see 40 members of the Regiment complete the final 14 miles from Queen Elizabeth Country Park to Thorney Island finishing the challenge at 1200 on Friday 18 Mar 16.


The Exercise will raise money for the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund.  This excellent cause provides financial support to soldiers and their dependants whether serving or retired who are in need.  They help all members of the Royal Artillery Regimental family including Gunner Veterans and their dependants throughout the world.


Anyone wishing to support this event is encouraged to visit the Regiment’s Just Giving page and donate as much or as little as they can.  https://www.justgiving.com/16RA-irongunner/

9th March

Repair to Damage at Fishbourne Meadow


Urgent action had to be taken last week to repair damage done by an inexpert mechanical digger driver at Fishbourne Meadow.


Employed by the local flood prevention group to clear blocked ditches, the digger went on to the environmentally sensitive meadow and badly damaged the surface both by churning it up with caterpillar tracks and depositing dredged material. Fencing and adjacent trees were also damaged.


Fishbourne Meadow is ecologically important, supporting a wide variety of wild flowers, including the rare Southern Marsh Orchid, and also forms part of the Fishbourne Roman Palace archaeological site. Fortunately the Water Vole colony at the west end of the site was not disturbed.


Last week, under the supervision of the Harbour Conservancy, the dredged material and other debris was carefully removed and the fencing replaced. With the coming spring it is hoped that the meadow regenerates quickly and that little lasting damage has been done.



3rd March



Thanks to the Big Lottery People’s Project, local charity Community First has the chance to win £50,000 for its SILVER LININGS project to fight the loneliness that blights the lives of so many older people. They need YOU to vote for them so SILVER LININGS can help to make life better for older people living across Havant Borough.

In their flourishing partnership with ‘The Right to Work’, a Community Interest Company, Community First already provides an inspirational community café for older people in Emsworth with freshly cooked delicious lunches and brilliant table service all provided by people with learning disabilities. Many older people though need more than just a lunch no matter how delicious it is! They need to regularly spend 3 or 4 hours together, making friendships and having fun in order to stay happy and healthy. This is where SILVER LININGS comes in.

£50,000 will enable the SILVER LININGS project to build on this success and give older people that precious time together when they can enjoy a range of stimulating day activities indoors and out and about. Examples are dance, music, crafts, trips out and opportunities to learn new things that older people may never have had the chance to before – all designed to improve their health and wellbeing. SILVER LININGS is passionate about making a difference to older people to break the cycle of loneliness that can so easily lead to depression so that older people can start to look forwards again. These times can remind them that they are not alone and that happiness and better health is still theirs for the taking.


Wendy Shone, Silver Linings Coordinator said,
“We want to provide SILVER LININGS for as many older people as we can to encourage hope, fun and renewed joy in their lives. If we sound like idealists-guilty as charged! We at SILVER LININGS want to make all the difference in the world and make loneliness a thing of the past for as many people as we can support. A vote for us is a vote against loneliness and could help us to make that vital difference in Havant.”

All you have to do now is to vote for Silver Linings at: https://www.thepeoplesprojects.org.uk/projects/region/meridian-west

Voting closes at noon on 13th March – Don’t delay, Vote today.

29th February

England Coastal Path Consultation; South Hayling -East Head


Work is underway on the England Coast Path - a new long distance National Trail arou

nd the whole of England's coast which will give people the opportunity to access and enjoy some of our most diverse and stunning landscapes. Natural England are starting work on the stretch in your area and would like to invite you to one of their drop in sessions so that you can find out more and share your views on this exciting project.

Natural England recently started work to identify where the Coast Path between South Hayling and East Head (Chichester Harbour- see map) will be aligned and aim to open this stretch of the Coast Path in 2018. This will become part of a continuous coastal route in the area, joining up with the other stretches that are also currently being worked on between East Head and Shoreham and around Langstone Harbour.

There will be a full consultation with local interests during the development of the route. Please attend one of the public drop in sessions to learn more about this section of the England Coast Path and share your views.


You can find out more about the England Coast Path and progress in the rest of Sussex and Hampshire at  www.gov.uk/government/publications/england-coast-path-in-the-south-of-england  Contact the Coastal Access Team at southcoastalaccess@naturalengland.org.uk

A consultation meeting will be held at Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, PO10 7DD on 10th March 5.00pm - 7.30pm  this will consist of 1:2:1 discussions held throughout the evening between the times stated and you do not need to attend the whole drop in from the beginning.

26th February

Costa gets green light to open coffee shop in Emsworth


Costa Coffee has been told it can open a new branch in Emsworth - Councillors voted unanimously to allow Costa Coffee to open in the former Barclays Bank in High Street, Emsworth.

Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Residents’ Association and The Emsworth Forum had initially fought the plan, arguing it would harm the town’s independent character.

But they agreed not to object after Costa Coffee franchisee, Premier Coffee, offered to bring in a number of community features.

These include becoming a tourist information point, setting up a reading corner and supporting apprenticeships.  Premier will apply to join the Emsworth Business Association and make a contribution towards the town’s Christmas lights.

Last night, at The Plaza in Havant, councillors agreed there was no planning reason to refuse the coffee shop.  The agent for the developer, Simon Millett, said; ‘Costa Coffee would bring its own customer base and potentially other retailers into Emsworth.’ The meeting was told there had been 114 written objections and 27 letters in favour.

Councillor Rivka Creswell, speaking on behalf of Emsworth Cllr Brendan Gibb-Gray, told the planning committee: ‘The high street in order to survive needs to constantly change.’

Alistair Gibson, from the business association, told The News: ‘Ultimately it’s good news for Emsworth.

‘We have had a series of meetings with Premier Coffee and it would appear they do want to integrate into the community.

The News 26th February

24th February


People who walk dogs on the Solent coast are being asked to share their likes and dislikes about dog walking in a new online survey.

The survey is being carried out by the Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership (SRMP) to build a detailed picture of the way different groups enjoy their time at the coast. The survey aims to find out what dog walkers like about the coast, and what they look for in the places they choose to visit, enabling the Partnership to develop initiatives to help people and wildlife live side by side on the coast. Initiatives might include creating new dog walking areas closer to where people live or enhancing existing greenspaces with features such as dog agility trails.

The Partnership was established a year ago by the area's local authorities and conservation bodies. It aims to help people use the coast in ways that do not disturb the thousands of birds which feed and roost in this internationally important wildlife area. The Partnership's work is funded by developer contributions in association with planning permissions for new housing.

The Partnership wants to hear from everyone who dog walks on the Solent coast - between Hurst Castle near Lymington and West Wittering, including Chichester, Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours and on the Isle of Wight coast between Colwell (near Freshwater) and Bembridge. The questionnaire is available until 31 March at: www.solentdogsurvey.co.uk

Commenting on the survey, Partnership Chairman Councillor Seán Woodward said "The Partnership recognises how valuable dog walking is and the many benefits of dog ownership. I would encourage all dog walkers to take part in the survey before the end of March. The views expressed well help councillors to decide later this year on the initiatives which should be implemented."
Southampton City Council, South Downs National Park Authority, Test Valley Borough Council, Winchester City Council.
More information about the Partnership can be seen at: https://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/ext/community-and-environment/environment/solent-recreation-mitigation-strategy.aspx

Further information: Stuart Roberts, Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership Initiation Officer
Tel: 023 9283 4164 Email: Stuart.Roberts@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

February 23rd

Costa Coffee in Emsworth 

An update issued by Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Residents Association and The Emsworth Forum.

Since the application for change of use of the old Barclay’s Bank Building to a Costa Coffee, Emsworth Business Association, Emsworth Residents Association and The Emsworth Forum have been working together to oppose the application. Although there was a clear majority of people opposing the proposal there were also many residents and business who felt that that Costa would be of benefit to Emsworth, which has meant that the last 6 weeks have not been without some strong feelings on both sides.

The campaign has involved numerous meetings including with Emsworth’s Councillors and with Premier Coffee Ltd themselves (the franchisee behind the proposed Costa Coffee). Premier Coffee has said they want to be involved with the local community and they have listened to concerns that were raised. While not agreeing to act on all these concerns they have to their credit suggested a number of proposals (see below), which they hoped would help ease the feeling of opposition.

Despite the application having been ‘Red Carded’ by our Ward Councillors and subsequently being referred to a Development Management Committee, we have been advised by Havant Borough Council based on current planning legislation there are no valid planning grounds for the application to be refused. On this basis we have decided that we will not now make a deputation at the planning meeting to oppose the application.

The Premier Coffee proposals are listed below and it should be noted that without the objections and petition by Emsworth residents and businesses against the initial application many of these proposals would not have been made.

1. The reduction of the number of covers (seats) from the prosed 93 to 68. While not included in the official planning application, they have given us their word that this will be the case, although they reserve the right to reverse this if needed from a business perspective in the future.

2. Provision of a community notice board in-store Tourist information point 

3. Full DDA compliance and baby change facilities
4. Reading corner with informal lending library and bookcase
5. Supporting apprenticeships for local employees
6. Membership (if accepted) onto the Emsworth Business Association
7. Contribution towards the Christmas lights
8. Offer of meeting room free of charge to business groups (by arrangement)
9. Sponsorship towards a sports team 

The Emsworth Business Association 22nd February

February 19th

Are you keen to clean for the Queen?


Help make the borough look majestic in time for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday celebrations, by volunteering a few hours to tidy up a grot spot in your chosen area.

Havant Borough Council is backing the Clean for the Queen Campaign, a nationwide community clean-up operation that is taking place from Friday 4 March to Sunday 6 March. The Council shall be acting as a hub where by individuals, groups, schools, companies and sports teams can gain campaign information, equipment and arrange sack collections for their clean up event.

To register for the Clean for the Queen event visit www.cleanforthequeen.co.uk. Following registration please contact Havant Borough Council at the following address cleanforthequeen@havant.gov.uk to inform us of any support you may require. 

Scource: Emsworth Business Associoation


February 12th


Emsworth Arts Trail

23rd, 24th April and 30th April, 1st, 2nd May

The South’s art lovers are in for a real treat this spring as Emsworth Arts Trail announces over 160 artists will exhibit in this year’s event. Designed as a walking trail, nearly all of these artists are located within a mile of the centre of town at 64 different venues. Artists will open their doors to visitors during the last weekend in April and first in May, in an event that will turn the town into a hive of creativity.

So much talent in such a small area!

 “Emsworth is such a hotbed of artistic talent,” comments Carol Price, chairman of The Emsworth Arts Trail. “We continue to welcome new artists and makers to join the Trail. This year we have 16 new artists and eight new venues, making it the biggest Trail yet.”

New artists this year include Charles Dedman, a talented young furniture maker and recent graduate from Chichester University.  Charles has been selected for the Craft Council’s Hothouse Scheme, and has had one of his designs selected by a leading retailer for production.


Emsworth-printmaker Alex Poyner, a recent graduate from Winchester College of Art, will show a selection of her seascapes from her home studio by the foreshore.   And, papermaker Adrian Mundy brings art and gardening together in his Arts Council England (ACE) funded Grow An Exhibition project, Natural Imperfections being displayed at Tuppenny Barn during the Trail. 

“It is very exciting to welcome a number of very talented new artist-makers this year, and it just illustrates the vast range of creative talent visitors can enjoy as they follow the Trail around the town. 

Now in its 15th year, Emsworth Arts Trail has something to interest everyone with painters, printmakers, photographers, furniture makers, weavers, wood carvers, ceramicists, jewellers and textile artists displaying their work in home studios, churches, community halls, pubs, sailing clubs and shops throughout the town.

“What’s unique about our Trail is that it’s a walking trail; this enables visitors to really appreciate our picturesque coastal location while visiting all the different venues,” explains Carol.  “The Trail also brings many additional visitors to the area, giving a real boost to local businesses.”

The event runs on the two weekends of 23rd - 24th April and 30th April, 1st, 2nd May.





February 9th





An Emsworth family have become the first to sponsor trees in a local community orchard, in memory of husband and dad John Shreeve, who died last year.


His daughter Hermione, one of his four children, planted two apple trees at Hampshire Farm Meadows, where her father loved to walk.  The family also made a £300 donation to the orchard, which is being planted by local environmental group Greening Westbourne. The site is in Emsworth, but on the border with Westbourne.


Mr Shreeve's widow Rachel said: "The idea of planting the trees was Hermione's. We decided to ask mourners to make donations in lieu of flowers, giving half to Brain Tumour Research, because John died of a brain tumour, and half to the community orchard.


"We used to come to Hampshire Meadows a lot and spent a lot of time walking around. He used to enjoy seeing the area at different times of year, and watching the dragonflies and birds.


"He spent a lot of time gardening with Hermione."


Eight apple trees were planted last Saturday, including the Shreeves', bringing the total so far to 16.  Along with local people, Westbourne's Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been helping to plant the orchard, Brass discs are buried under each tree's roots, bearing the names of the children who helped to plant it. Local tree surgeon Mike Reed has also being lending his expertise, and Havant Borough Council have supported the project.


Richard Hitchcock, of Greening Westbourne, said: "We were very glad to be able to help the Shreeves, and overwhelmed by their generosity. We hope having the trees helps them through this difficult time.


"We hope these are the first of many trees to be sponsored. We're sure local people will want to sponsor them in memory of loved ones, as gifts, or just to help us fund the orchard.


"Our idea is to help preserve traditional fruit varieties and help local people, especially children, get a bit closer to the earth. Growing food reminds us that it doesn't always have to be flown thousands of miles across the world.


"We believe the orchard will be an attractive feature of Hampshire Farm Meadows, and something our two communities – Emsworth and Westbourne – can enjoy together."


Hampshire Meadows is the name given to new public open space next to the Redlands Grange housing development near Westbourne.  Greening Westbourne also plans to plant other types of fruit tree, such as pears, plums and apricots. The goal is to have 50 or 60 trees eventually, with benches nearby.   Anyone who wants to sponsor a tree, help with the community orchard or get involved with Greening Westbourne can email greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk




4th February


Emsworth Business Association to support Stonepillow in

The Emsworth Association is delighted to announce that its chosen charity for will be Stonepillow. The Association will over the coming year work with its members and the wider community to both raise awareness and funds for this amazing local charity culminating in the annual Emsworth Black and White Charity Dinner scheduled this year for Friday 11th November at the Brookfield Hotel. Last year the Association raised over £5,300 for its chosen charity The Rosemary Foundation Trust, a fantastic effort that included donations from Father Christmas’s Grotto as well as various events during Emsworth British Food Fortnight. The Emsworth Business Association has also supported the RNLI and the Beacon Food Bank over the last year.~

Stonepillow was found in 1989 and provides a lifeline for homeless people with hubs, hostels and supported accommodation in Chichester, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton. Stonepillow do an amazing job.

In the past year 208 people have accessed their services and 108 people have moved into long-term accommodation.

Recently opened Stonepillow Lodge, a new facility of 5 en-suite bedrooms, in conjunction with St Richard’s Hospital to house homeless people discharged from hospital.

They employ over 30 people to support and care for their clients. Stonepillow have created many local jobs but also rely heavily on their loyal, expanding team of volunteers who they could not cope without.

Have helped hundreds of clients to regain their independence. Many of who would still be sleeping rough on the streets without our help

 “We are delighted to have been chosen as Emsworth Business Association’s Charity of the Year and are very much looking forward to working with this dynamic group to help raise valuable funds that will help Stonepillow to support homeless and vulnerable people in our community.” Sylvie Johnston, Stonepillow Chief Executive.

“I am so pleased that the EBA committee chose another local and worthwhile cause in the Stonepillow, we have been so impressed with the work they do in local area. Apart from the annual Black and White Charity Ball we intend to focus on them during this year’s Emsworth British Food Fortnight and get behind their ‘Big Eatout’ initiative.   ” Giles Babb, Chair EBA.

For more information - www.stonepillow.org.uk



17th January

32 (Minden) Bty Royal Artillery  Thorney Island Welcome Home Day Event


From the end of March 2015, members of 32 (Minden) Bty Royal Artillery deployed to the Falkland Islands until Oct 2015.


The Battery were deployed as part of the Resident Rapier Battery for the duration of the tour. During this time families are kept apart for a long period of time until things such as R & R, career courses etc. Although the soldiers are cracking on doing their jobs as normal family life isn't at a status quo with the deployed element trying to focus on the job in hand and trying to forget about time away from home, meanwhile partners and children at home can find it hard sometimes and are on their own for such a long time.


Now the Battery is back together and we are celebrating a day/night together as a big family. Starting off the day is a family children's morning with a kids entertainer in the shape of "Mr Tall" who will endeavour to put smiles on the children's faces for 2 hours, then followed by party food and a spot of pony riding and arts and crafts. After the children's party the adult members will then venture onto the HMS Nelson for a well deserved dinner night.





11th January

Residents brave the rain to recycle Christmas trees in Emsworth

More than 100 Christmas trees were recycled at a community event in Emsworth recently.

Despite the wet weather, local residents brought their trees to be recycled in St Peter’s Squre.  Christmas tree recycling in Emsworth was started three years ago by the Emsworth Business Association, in partnership with Phil Lamb of Brightside Tree Surgery.

This year, despite the weather, it was another hugely successful event.

Phil who is also a fireman, brought along his colleague Anthony Russell from the Hampshire Fire Service and together ?they recycled 117 trees over a two-hour period.  They both generously gave their time and equipment free of charge.

People taking their trees were asked ?if they would donate to The Rosemary Foundation, which was the Emsworth Business Association’s supported charity in 2015.  The charity provides a hospice at home service in Petersfield and the surrounding towns and villages.

Alistair Gibson, from the Emsworth Business Association said: ‘In total £276 was raised which is a wonderful effort and an acknowledgment of this useful initiative.’

Phil Lamb, from Brightside Tree Surgery, said: ‘Emsworth has such a great community feel, it’s always a pleasure to get involved.

‘This is both a useful service for the village as well as a great way to raise some funds for local good causes.

‘I have to be honest and say I was amazed at how many people arrived with their Christmas trees despite the rain.’

Giles Babb, the chairman of the Emsworth Business Association, added: ‘Once again our thanks to Phil for supporting this initiative.

‘It is of course not only environmentally friendly, but now has become a firm date in Emsworth’s diary and of course it’s another opportunity to show support for a local charity.’

The News 11th January 2015




8th January

Costa's Plans for Emsworth Divide  Town

A recently submitted planning application by Costas for a change of use for the former Barclays Bank to provide a seventy seat coffee shop has caused an eruption of protest! 

Of the seventy plus comments received by the planning authority all most all are vehemently against the application.  The reasons given are largely centred on:

·        The impact on the town's High Street best known for its independent retailers thus compromising the town’s independent character.

·        The existence of the numerous cafés and public houses which already prove coffee and light refreshments

·        Increased traffic and concomitant parking problems

·        Increased littering

·        The introduction of a business which is out of character in the conservation area.

However, a minority are in favour of the application;

Peter Cole, the owner of The Newsagent, in St Peter’s Square, said: ‘I would rather have something in there and the shop being used than it standing empty.’

whilst others think it a good idea to have another coffee outlet available.

A petition has been started  by the Emsworth Business Association appealing to the CEO of Costa directly to reconsider the plans.






4th January


Residents in Westbourne shredded up to 100 Christmas trees during their annual recycling event in the village square on Sunday, despite torrential rain.

The event, run by local environmental group the Greening Westbourne Campaign, has become a fixture in the calendar of the West Sussex village, near Emsworth. Chippings from trees are used to produce compost.

Greening Westbourne chair Colin Carré said: "We had an amazing turnout despite the weather. It's great to see people dragging into the square and stopping for some mulled wine and mince pies. It's a fun community event but it fits with our goal of helping people to do small things locally to combat climate change. Recycling is good and doing it locally means fewer vehicle journeys."

Greening Westbourne also organises events such as a family fun bike ride, and is planting a community orchard.

The tree shredding was performed for free by village tree specialists Michael Reed & Co.

Anyone interested in the campaign, and joining the community orchard project, can contact the campaign on greeningwestbourne@hotmail.co.uk or search Greening Westbourne online. The group is looking for funding for the orchard.










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