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Urgently calling all artists local and not so local

  Come and paint views of old Spencer's Restaurant 36-38 North Street. Posterity needs a record of the place. Once gone, it will be gone forever.

An Emsworth Resident
8th October 2015

Demolition of 36-38 North Street Emsworth (formally Spencer’s Restaurant)

You may not be aware but 36-38 North Street Emsworth (formally Spencer’s Restaurant) building is to be demolished. I have written to Havant Planning Department (see attachment) to object. If you agree with me please send a letter as soon as possible (at least before Friday 2nd October) to save this Georgian Fašade from being removed forever.
Details of Planning Application (APP/15/00829) can be found on Havant website. 
27th September 2015

          Not so Friendly Emsworth! 'Your website says that visitors to Emsworth are welcomed and generally we have found this to be true during our week-long stay. We have done all our shopping locally and enjoyed some lovely meals in the town. However we are leaving with a slightly sour taste having returned to our car, legally parked in King Street after 6pm, and found a message PARK WHERE  YOU  LIVE  NOT HERE. This was the one occasion we parked in that spot, having been concerned to respect local residents' needs. Not a very friendly welcome! '

Chris Dyke
30th July 2015
Hello everyone - Welcome to an exciting new business "Funzy Doodle Workshops" oodles and oodles of creative fun for children from 6mths - 11 yrs. Providing day time sessions for 6mths - pre-school age (term time) and Holiday clubs for older children! If you could like this page and pass it on to any other friends who you may think will be interested in their child attending one of workshops - we would greatly appreciate it! We are starting workshops in the summer holidays at Emsworth Community Centre, please visit our Website WWW.FUNZYDOODLEWORKSHOPS.CO.UK  for full information, and please LIKE us on Facebook for regular updated and news......many thanks.
14th July 2012
 "We must build more houses"


       I am thoroughly fed up with people spouting the popular mantra "we must build more houses" and when I say, "WHY"?, they are quite perplexed.  There are thousands of houses on the market. What has to be clarified, but never is, is that we need housing that the people who are not home owners, can actually afford. This will never come about until the Government, it can only be the Government, tackle the admittedly extremely thorny question of land values.  The whole planning system needs turning on its head.  

    If all the unused land currently owned by government and councils had housing built on it without the outrageous additional price generated by "Planning Permission" for the land and developers were removed from the scene, houses could almost become AFFORDABLE which is what everyone means when they say "we must build more houses". 

There is plenty of land available on brown field sites, which usually means that a fair proportion of the necessary infrastructure is already in place, which would bring down the cost considerably, at the same time doing away with the notorious 106 schemes that adds cost tremendously to the final selling price. Do people really think that the money a developer contributes to the locality around his development comes from his own pocket, dream on.  It is the homeless that pay for it, inflated by the profit a bank makes on a mortgage. 

   Near where I live there is an area considered to be one of the most underprivileged in the country and it is crying out for housing for the younger generation.  A developer is building houses not terribly far away and before he got planning permission he stated that there would be "affordable housing" to the statutory level available for purchase.  Try explaining that to the youngsters round here who will have to find a quarter of a million pounds to "Get on the Housing Ladder" 

    The five million people on countrywide waiting lists, are waiting for the price of housing to come down and this will not happen unless Government addresses the whole financial equation that creates the ridiculous prices currently being asked.

Jim Cottis
15th November 2011
Horses starving to death
There is another cruelty case and nobody is showing any interest! Will it take another pony to die, suffering from starvation & neglect before it reaches the papers. The grey mare along Long Cospe Lane is suffering in silence whilst the local community of apparent horse lovers just ride on by.

This world has gone mad!!
Teresa Griffiths
14th November 2011

Round House? Im a Canadian descendant of an Emsworth family, and Ive really enjoyed reading through this site.
My grandmother, Josephine Wilkins, (born 1895) used to play on the beaches of Emsworth, and bequeathed me a pen and ink sketch of the Round House, which I understand is no more.  Im looking forward to spending some time in Emsworth next year.

Elizabeth Gail McArthur
18th September 2011

Flying The Flag
I see one of the members of the Hermitage Liberation Front is no longer in distress, sadly the Crown Public House is; or does flying the flag the wrong way have another interpretation on land? I find it sad that we live in a naval coastal area yet the flag is flown incorrectly. However, I have also seen it flown incorrectly in the capital. Perhaps Emsworth should lead the way and ensure its citizens all know how to fly the flag correctly before the Jubilee.

Pauline Robinson
24th June 2011


On the evening of 22nd November  Havant Borough Councils’ housing development committee, after 7 hours of deputations, decided by 4 votes to 3 that a Developer would be given planning permission to build 280 houses on land known as Hampshire Farm, and this was to include the unusual lure of a new Doctors’ Surgery plus Pharmacy 

MYSTERIOUSLY, only during the last few minutes, was it becoming publicly clear that this wonderful doctors’ new surgery, had not actually been offered to the Emsworth GP Partnership on any specific financial terms in relation to their occupancy. It was further revealed that if the Partnership did not contract to take on the new building within a set time-scale, including the Pharmacy presumably, the land would revert back to Havant Borough Council. They may then feel it would be expedient to build the surgery themselves, out of Council Tax Funds of course, rather than have a derelict plot at the entrance to this grand development which will definitely not be affordable to anyone on the housing list!!!!

I wonder if the Housing Committee had been made thoroughly aware of that, if not, THE COUNCIL HAS BEEN TRICKED

                                                                                                                     Jim Cottis,

Such a shame 30 years ago my mother and I quite often use to on a Sunday afternoon visit Emsworth as we found it a charming place. Sadly we visited it today my mother is now 86 years old went to park my car in the car park in an empty space when an aggressive man appeared from nowhere in a land rover reg no. **** *** and started accusing me of taking his parking space to such an extent that he insinuated if we didnt move we would come back to the car with two slashed tyres!!! My mother was so distraught that we had to come away. Isnt it such a shame that Emsworth has such people living there now a days!!!

Edward Willis

Emsworth News

As a former resident of Emsworth who used to live at 78 Victoria Rd. and emigrated with family to Western Australia in 1957 I really enjoy looking at the Emsworth News, I may be 90 years young but I have many memories of Emsworth, thank you very much.

Sydney Hammond
Western Australia

Food Festival We need the Food Festival, so lets get a NEW committee and proper chairperson.
  Forget the prima donnas and politicking, as with the previous Government, its time for a change. Re-instate the Food Festival, keep Emsworths flag flying.

Owain Evans