emsworth then & now



The Harbour c1900

A dull day in 2004


Queen Street c1910

Queen Street 2006


"The Anchor Inn" South Street c1900

The Anchor Inn"  now "Restaurant 36 on The Quay" South Street 2003

South Street c1900

South Street 2006


The Square c1900

The Square 2005


The Railway Station Approach in North street c1900

The Railway Station Approach in North street 2005


The Quay c1910

The Quay 2006

North Street c1911

North Street c2006

The Locomotive PH (corner of North Street and Seagull Lane). c1953

The corner of North Street and Seagull Lane2006 



Mant, Butchers c1895

M R Starr, Butchers 20-07



West Street c1925

West Street 2007


West Street c1900?


West Street from the other end c1895

West Street 2009



The Crown Hotel and High Street looking west, 1955. The large building behind the bus was the community centre, the site of the present day Co op  


King Street at the time of Queen Victoria's visit in 1842.  


The Square, Emsworth at the turn of the century c1900  

Photo supplied by Mr. William Cripps of Emsworth. Seated with arms folded in centre of group was one of Emsworth’s best remembered residents, “Birky” Miller. Near him stands his pet heron “Jack”. Mr. Miller had trained the bird to retrieve pennies.




Emsworth in 1850

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Image produced from the www.old-maps.co.uk service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey