Consultation on Submission Draft of the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan

The Emsworth Forum hassubmitted the Neighbourhood Plan to the Borough Council. The Borough Council is obliged to run a six week consultation on that plan, before an independent examination of the plan, followed by a referendum in the local area. Comments on the plan are invited by 7 June 2019.  Any person wishing to make a comment on the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan must do so no later than 7 June 2019 by writing to or Planning Policy, Havant Borough Council, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX. All comments will be passed to the independent examiner to consider.


Some of the highlights of the Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan are:

  • Protection of green spaces such as the Horses Field and the Ems Valley corridor that are so valued by local people and important to our environment

  • An ambitious affordable homes target of 40% for all developments over 10 units. This was recommended by the government appointed planning consultants Aecom in the Emsworth Housing Needs Assessment and will help make sure there will be more affordable housing for local young people.

  • The designation of a Community and Public Service Hub in the town centre including protection of the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital for health or community use. We were pleased that this has also been also reflected in the Council’s emerging Local Plan

  • Thanks to the support of the ERA we have been able to incorporate the Emsworth Design Statement into the Plan thereby creating more robust design policies that will protect Emsworth’s special character

  • Innovative proposals to improve traffic flow and conditions for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the town and in particular along the A259, high street and town centre

  • Numerous exciting projects that will enhance and improve Emsworth for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

The Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by the Emsworth Forum, the qualifying body responsible for plan preparation. Contact for further information:

Chair: Stephanie Elsy |
Secretary: Mike Bateman |
The Emsworth Forum, c/o The Community Centre, North Street, Emsworth, PO10 7DD.

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