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Emsworth Celebrates St George
20th - 29th April



Now in its fourth year and with something happening every day between 20th and 29th April this year's week of celebration promises to be more exciting than ever before. Highlights include the parade by 47Regt. RA on Monday 23rd and the Dragon boat race on Sunday 29th. Who more appropriate to listen to in St George's Week than a true Englishman. A descendent of Admiral Collingwood no less! Better known today as the man who plays Brian Aldridge in the Archer The JR of Ambridge! Charles Collingwood will entertain you with a few hilarious antidotes, a few impressions and the opportunity to ask him some awkward questions at the end. There will also be a chance to buy a copy of his autobiography "Brian and Me". Charles Collingwood will be at 'The Deck' on Friday 27th


The nominated charity this year is The Royal Artillery Charitable Fund. This year it is hoped to raise £5000.Once again, Spring Care Homes and HBC are joining the EBA, ECA and ERA in sponsoring and supporting various aspects of St. Georges Week.




Download the full programme of events HERE or visit EMSWORTH & ST GEORGE



Book your Tickets for the Elgar Concert, 26th April and Quiz Night, 35th April directly from the Brookfield Hotel - T. 01243 373363



Champagne Gourmet Dinner at 36 on the Quay Thursday 26th April

A unique opportunity to join Will Oatley of Bollinger UK at a gourmet four-course dinner accompanied by Champagnes from the Houses of Bollinger and Ayala





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The Emsworth Arts Trail
May 5th 6th and 7th & May 12th and 13th




Once again, over two weekends in May Emsworth's artists will be providing an opportunity for the public to view their work. This year over thirty six artists will be exhibiting their work in their homes, studios and else where in the town.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting us and perhaps find time to look around the historic and picturesque town and harbour, take refreshment in one of the many cafes, restaurants or pubs and visit the museum.

Please note that some artists will only be exhibiting during the first weekend of the trail, May 5th - 7th - please see the Arts Trail Brochure.

download the Brochure or visit Emsworth Arts Trail 2012



Guided Walks around Emsworth

Organised by the Emsworth Historical & Maritime Trust these walks start at the Museum at 6.00pm and take us on a tour of the town via the two mill-ponds, the Square, King Street and Brook Meadow, arriving back at the Museum about 7.45pm. The pace is fairly slow, with lots of stopping and talking place


The dates are:
Tuesday 24th April
Tuesday 26th June
Tuesday 24th July
Tuesday 28th August
Tuesday 25th September

Trust Members may book in advance for £2.00 per person.

Non-members£3.00 per person.





(Tuesday 29th May can also be booked through the Chichester Harbour Conservancy.)




Hello, my name is Sabrina Thomas and I am raising money for Raleigh International. In June 2012 I will be embarking on a 10 week voluntary trip to Borneo, Malaysia to help this country develop further by building gravity fed water systems, kinder gardens / nursery schools and bridges. Additionally, I will be helping out with the Orangutans. Importantly any money raised does not pay for my fights or equipment, I will pay for that myself, the money goes back into the charity.


For more information please visit:


Tickets are available now from The Kings Arms and The Coal Exchange Emsworth.


Thank you for the generous donations from Emsworth and Westbourne and all the other businesses, we have ALOT of prizes in the draw;


The Kings Arms - 3 Course Meal (Excluding drinks)
The Ship - A case of Becks beer
The Coal Exchange - A curry night for 2 (Excluding drinks)
Spencers Restaurant - 3 Course Set Meal for 2 Voucher
Essence Hair - £33 Cut and Blow Dry Voucher
Lillywhite Brothers Garage - £25 Fuel Voucher
H H Treagust & Sons Butchers - £25 Meat Voucher
Lex Media - An A2 Wrapped Canvas (from a supplied digital image)
M R Star Butchers - £25 Meat Voucher
Emsworth Antiques - Mr Millea - 1970's telephone
Emsworth Cycles - £35 Cycle Service Voucher
Driftwood Cafe - Afternoon Tea for 2 Voucher
Mandarin Chinese - Set Meal for 4 Voucher
Cafe Mocha - Douwe Egberts Coffee Gift Basket
Lex Media - An A3 Framed Print (from a supplied digital image)


£1 per strip of fve raffe tickets (minimum)
Attendance not compulsory

Raleigh Charity Number: 1047653
Sabrina Thomas' ID Number: 800149493


Sponsored by The Kings Arms, Emsworth - Senator Press - Designbooth - Lex Media
All details are correct at the time of going to printplease note that we cannot be held responsible for any  individual business that are unable to honour a winning prize. E&OE.





Dasher, a Canine Partners Dog, and Rosemary, an Emsworth Resident's, Story


I've been a florist all my working life and in April 2006, I woke up with a swollen leg and couldn't get down the stairs - this was the start of a different chapter of my life.  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and it took two and a half years before they got my medication right.  I had to give up my florist shop and lost all my confidence.

I have always been a dog person having trained gun dogs with my ex-husband.  However, at that stage I was living alone and felt very vulnerable. 


A chance meeting with three volunteer puppy parents for Canine Partners opened my eyes to what might be available to me and before I knew it phone calls were made, forms filled in, references obtained and I was in the pipeline for a canine partner.  I didn't think anything would come of it, so was dumbfounded to receive a call asking me if one of the trainers could pay a home visit. 

After further assessment and training I thought I had won the Lottery, when I became the very proud custodian of my darling Dasher.  He has made such a difference to my life both physically and emotionally.  I struggle with my hands, which have become very unreliable and I am often unable to pick things up, so Dasher does it for me.  He helps me take off my shoes and socks when I come in the house and fetches my slippers. 

When we go into town, I have become a person again and people chat to me like they used to without any sense of discomfort.  In the supermarket he helps me to get the lower items from the shelves that I can't reach.  However, I have to keep him away from the biscuit aisle where he sits staring at the packets of Rich Tea! 

When I head into the garden on my walker, Dasher is there to get any tools I need and keep an eye on me.  He takes the washing out of the machine then once outside hands each item to me so I can peg it on the line. 

Since having Dasher I have been on holidays with a friend to places accommodating the disabled, which Dasher loves.  He visits National Trust houses with me and I get a great deal of pleasure in taking him places where he can run around without his jacket and just be a dog. 

Dasher really does do anything he can to help me.  He is always so alert to my needs and makes sure I know if someone has opened the gate at the end of the drive so I can see who it is and get to the door in plenty of time with the walker.  If I am having a bad day Dasher knows and is always with me should I need anything, he even feels bad leaving me when a friend comes to take him for a walk.  If I have a fall he will go and get the phone so I can call for help, then he waits with me until it arrives.  The other day my leg was really swollen and I couldn't get my jeans off. Dasher had already gone to bed but I asked him come and help, so he got up, came over and slowly pulled my jeans off.  I then asked him to get my pyjamas, which he duly did.  However, he now thinks this should happen every night and dutifully gets them when I go to bed!

I truly feel Dasher is a gift and I don't know what I would do without him, especially as I was friends with Anne Conway who was a founder of Canine Partners. I am doing all I can to raise awareness of the fantastic work of Canine Partners around where I live and am even embarking on a public speaking course to help at more events.  I am very grateful to Canine Partners, without whom I feel sure I would be a recluse.

Rosemary wrote a poem to Canine Partners, as follows:

Thank you

Thank you are two little words that mean so very much.
Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for your care.
Thank you for the knowledge of knowing that you are always there.
Thank you.

 If you would like to support Canine Partners please follow the contact details below:

T.08456 580480

Registered charity number 803680







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