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Looking for a Christmas Present for a friend or relative?

Uncovering the Past - Emsworth, Oysters and Men

A new book written by local historian Linda Newell telling the story of how oysters made Emsworth's fortune, and how the decline of the industry could have been the end for Emsworth.

The book is priced at £8.00 with proceeds being divided between
Emsworth Museum and the fund to maintain Terror.

It is on sale at Bookends, the bookshop opposite the Crown in the High Street.
It is also available directly from Linda on 01243 371608 or  You can also drop your details through the letterbox of the Museum in
North Street, and someone will contact you.

It is a deliberate policy that the book is only available in Emsworth.  The story is a uniquely Emsworth story, and it is logical that it can only be obtained in Emsworth.

A book to be enjoyed - it is a good read with interesting photographs and original works by Angela Loader and Marion Forster.

To be published early in the New Year -


"Stretchers Not Available - the Wartime Story of Dr Jim Rickett" 

Jim Rickett worked as a GP in Emsworth during the blitz of 1940/41. He kept a diary at the time  describing  his  work  which  makes  interesting  reading  as  much  is  now unthinkable. A caesarean was done on the dining room table. A cameo picture is obtained of the work at the height of the blitz in 1941 after one of the most intense raids.

He  was  called  up  into  the  Army  and  in  1944  was  in  Italy  when  he  received an  urgent  posting  to  join  the  commandos,  working  with  the  SOE  (Special Operations Executive) on the Adriatic island of Vis. He had to set up a hospital to deal with the wounded brought back from raids. The island was to be held at all costs against expected imminent attack. With  both  commandos  and  partisans  he  set  up  a  makeshift   hospital  from scratch. Initially he had to operate with a kerosene lamp for light. Later they  managed to get wiring from a crashed Liberator and set up electricity using an old diesel generator. They bartered and stole to get the unit operational. They were inundated with work. The unit and the whole team became highly effective, and provided some light-hearted moments. They became the local

social centre at the time Tito set up his HQ on the island. This -hand account makes fascinating reading.

Written by his son, John Rickett, who now lives in Devon, "Stretchers Not Available - the Wartime Story of Dr Jim Rickett" will be published by AuthorHouse early in the New Year from Bookends in Emsworthfrom Bookends in Emsworth and all good book shops.




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