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Emsworth British Food Fortnight

For two weeks  Emsworth took part in British Food Fortnight and celebrated its food heritage with a wonderful range of diverse food related events. There are very few small towns left on the south coast that still have a traditional high street offering two traditional family owned butchers, a fishmongers, a greengrocers as well as a monthly market day. Add into this some of the area's finest restaurants and some wonderful public houses and cafes and it is easy to see why Emsworth is the perfect place for such a celebration.





War Memorial Renovation is completed.

The bus shelter in Emsworth square is not widely known to be the town’s first war memorial, erected after the second world war in tribute to those who had lost their lives. It has suffered over the years and was in need of repair works, and improvements to make it more recognizable as a memorial.

The restoration, organised by the Emsworth Business Association,  has carried out in three stages at a cost of £2,600:

1.    Cleaning the paintwork and generally repainting,

2.    Putting the badges up and having the gold lettering written around the edge, this was done at the same time as the windows in the structure were changed to include scenes of Emsworth during the war. And of course the

3.    Replacement for all the tiles with Canadian Cedar,

The work has been generously supported by , Rowlands Caste Scaffolding Co., PJG Builders and Abna Tools provided equipment and labour free, Havant Borough Council and 47 Regt RA from Thorney Island who completed the work during the first stage.

Uniquely, this is believed the only bus shelter war memorial in the country!

After the 1st World War the men of E Emsworth wanted a useful memorial to their fallen comrades, and so endowed two beds in the local Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital to allow people access to medical treatment free.

Then later, after the 2nd World War, the next group of returning servicemen had the same feelings.  They did not want "just a lump of stone"; they wanted something of use. The Royal British Legion branch in Emsworth co-ordinated the efforts and it was felt a covered seating area on The Square, where they all used to congregate and chat, would be appropriate.  Therefore in December 1950 the unveiling of the "covered seating on The Square" took place with standards and banners of many Emsworth organisations on parade. It was an occasion of great civic pride in Emsworth and acknowledgement of the efforts and sacrifice of its young men.

Emsworth and Southbourne District Community Christmas


This Christmas in Emsworth you don’t have to be alone.  Members of the local community in the Emsworth, Southbourne and district are coming together on Christmas day to offer companionship, laughter, festive food and entertainment for anyone on their own on that day.

The organisers Annabel Smith, Jessica Bateman and Kathy Adams who are local residents have teamed up together to offer a free Christmas day celebration in the heart of Emsworth. This local community project has been born out of the recognition that Christmas day can be a lonely day for many and a belief that no one should be alone on Christmas day (unless they want to be).

This is a chance for people to make new friends creating bonds in the community that can last further than the single day. Come and enjoy other people’s company, share the true meaning of Xmas with others.

Anyone on their own can come, it’s not dependent on age or religion, you may be retired, bereaved, separated from family or simply alone.

We are looking for volunteers on the day and in the run up to the event who want to join in the fun and contribute to its creation. Help is needed with transportation to and from the venue, helping in the kitchen, serving Xmas dinner, carol singing, making teas and coffee, joining in the entertainment.

This is a new venture and the organisers are looking for support from local businesses and residents to donate food and money. This is a not for profit event.

The day will involve transport to and from the event if needed, a 2 course lunch, singing Christmas carols, you can watch the Queen and play a festive team quiz.

Do you know of anyone who would enjoy this day? Those alone can be quite isolated and need encouragement. To nominate someone, to volunteer, to contribute or if you have any other enquiries email us at esdcommunityxmas@gmail.com  or telephone us at 01243 373789

Controversial Development goes to Appeal

The Dolphin Quay site at the eastern entrance to Emsworth once home to Dolphin Quay Boatyard and Dolphin Quay Antiques =has stood vacant for several years. A planning application to build four traditional terrace houses and five contemporary apartments located on the water’s edge was rejected in July.

The reasons for rejection centered on the unsuitability of the unsuitability of the proposal in the Emsworth Conservation Area:

 "It occupies and important and prominent location and forms an important part of the setting of several listed buildings in the vicinity and is within the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The proposal, by reason of its scale, mass and design is considered to be excessive and inadequately related to the scale, character and design of surrounding development. It would constitute an incongruous and strident form of development, out of keeping with its surroundings, which would seriously harm the appearance and character of the Conservation Area, the setting of listed buildings and the character of the AONB. The loss of space would also reduce important views which provide visual connection between Queen Street, including the setting of the former Flour Mill building to the north, and the Harbour. As such it is contrary to national and local planning polices for the area, in particular the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 and Policies CS11 and CS16 of the Havant Borough Local Plan (Core Strategy) 2011. These policies are further amplified in English Heritage Guidance: The Setting of Heritage Assets (2011) and the adopted Supplementary Planning Document: Havant Borough Design Guide (2011) and the related Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management plan for Emsworth (2010), also in the extant Practice Guidance to the former National Planning Policy Statement PPS5: 'Planning for the Historic Environment' and National Planning Practice Guidance (2014), including: 'Conserving and Enhancing the Historic Environment' and 'Natural Environment."

The developer  appealed to the Secretary of State in August and the public hearing  will be held on 10am Thursday 20th November at HBC Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant.

 Comments on the development can be made on line by visiting http://www5.havant.gov.uk/ACOLNETDCOnline/acolnetcgi.gov?ACTION=UNWRAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeResultDetail&TheSystemkey=232761  or for further information telephone HBC’s planning dept. 02392 446586.

Emsworth library Consultation Shambles

It appears that the consultation process on the proposed move of Emsworth Library from the centre of the town to the Community Association in North Street has degenerated into what can only be described as a farce.


The consultation period was to be extended to 30th November and that a new plan for the housing of the library in the Community Centre would be published but subsequently:

·         the end of consultation date has been brought forward to the original date, 18th October

·         no alternative plan has been produced and published

Furthermore, the web page for consultation was not available for several weeks with no explanation of why this is so.

The handling of this proposal by Hampshire County Council is shameful indicating a lack of sensible organisation showing little regard for the regular users of Emsworth Library.

The Group Manager has responded,

"Our consultation on the potential re-siting of Emsworth Library has run from July 21st until October 18th, as you know, and we have encouraged customers to complete and return the forms during that whole period. At one stage we did consider a second consultation with a revised plan but since we have not yet finalised a (possible) alternative layout, decided not to waste public money or customers' time on something that wasn't meaningful. Once we have reviewed responses from the original consultation we will be better placed to decide the next steps in this project and how we communicate that to the residents of Emsworth. In the meantime, the original consultation on the location of the Library in Emsworth remains valid."


 It is suggested that the proposal and consultation is re-thought  in its entirety and the consultation postponed until such times as a full plan, castings and timetable can be published


Sign the petition  against this proposed move  on The Friends of Emsworth Library website HERE










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