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Local Producers

Harry's Sausages 
Treagust Butchers
17 High Street,Emsworth

E. harrysausages@gmail.com 
W. www.harryssausages.com  

Harry’s innovation has been to develop a range of artisan sausages made in small batches, to be renowned for their premium quality, big, new flavour combinations, high protein and low fat content. This is a culmination of almost 100 years of sausage-making success. Now, Harry’s have brought the traditional recipe into the 21st century by adding new natural flavours and taking out the gluten. Taste the difference!

The Emsworth Brewery
16-18 West St, Emsworth PO10 7DY

E. theemsworthbrewery@gmail.com  
W. www.theemsworthbrewery.co.uk  

The Emsworth Brewery is a two and a half barrel plant located behind Emsworth Antiques Etc. off West Street in Emsworth. We set up the brewery in 2011, bringing brewing back to Emsworth after a dry spell of about forty years or so. Only British products are used, sourced as locally as possible and disposed-of for once used, they are animal feed and allotment composting.

Chichester Harbour Gin

W. www.chichesterharbourgin.co.uk  

Chichester Harbour Gin is a small batch hand crafted gin company based in Emsworth. ichester Harbour GIn uses local produce, such as bayleaf, seaweed and juniper, providing a unique small batch hand crafted gin which contains 15 botanicals.